Friday, March 30, 2012

My Sugar Apple

My friend brought some sugar apple or “atis” (in our dialect) at our office. It was so tasty and sweet. I chose to save the seeds. I planted the seeds in my front yard. I don’t exactly have an idea how many years this tree will bear fruit but maybe I’ve waited for two years. All I remembered was that I got actually excited when I saw the first fruit from the tree. I just can’t wait for the right time to harvest and savor its delicious, sweet, and creamy flesh. All I can say, it’s really worth the wait. 2007/09/19

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

By My Window

It was a rainy and wet time of the year and during these days; it’s so hard to get out of bed. It was the month of September and it has been raining in our countryside almost everyday. But I was astonished to wake up one morning and it was sunny. Essentially, I was awakened by two high-pitched “chirping” tiny brown birds. But in time, another two joined them. They just sat on my fence as if they were enjoying the bright sunny day. These types of birds can easily get adapted to human but somewhat shy that’s why I was very cautious when I took pictures of them so that they won’t leave right away. 2007/09/26

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Close Encounter With Butterflies

It was August of 2007, when I visited Davao City to observe their yearly Kadayawan Festival (celebration of good harvest). It was late in the afternoon when we decided to watch the drag racing activity. While enjoying the ambiance and thrill of the race, we stumbled upon the sanctuary of the butterflies known as the Davao Butterfly House. It was really a close encounter because aside from being able to see the breeding area and observed how butterfly come out from its cocoon, you can also literally “catch and release” these colorful butterflies from their exhibiting area hiding from those beautiful flowering plants. 2007/10/10