January 29, 2014

A Mother And Son Project

My youngest son Red belongs in a band. Ever since his dad taught him how to play the guitar when he was small, he has been hooked and never looked back. Last year, Red told me that he wanted an esp ltd sunburst. According to him, it was one of his dream guitars, and he would do anything to get it.

It was out of my price range, so both of us made a deal. He would have to get a job, save for half of the guitar, and in turn, I would pay the rest. Before New Year, he finally completed the money and gave it to me. In turn, I contributed to what was left off and bought the guitar for him.

January 25, 2014

I am Dreaming of a Shopping Spree

Everybody loves shopping! Well, most people I know, at least. If I have lots of money to spend on shopping alone, I will not have second thoughts and raid one mall to another and grab the best deals that I could ever find.

I would definitely start with shoes. I love wedges, flats, and flip-flops. After buying footwear, I will get some jeans. Of course, I will also need jewelries and bags. I love handbags and body bags. However, I will probably spend the longest time on bookstores. I love reading books that are made into movies. I collect these books and I plan to keep them so my son, as well as next generations can read the great books that I have saved.

Of course, I will also buy stuff for my loved ones. It is best if they would come with me so they can choose for themselves.

Great Solo Mobile Interface

Business has been a huge part in our family. It had been 20 years since my parents started our businesses which are all about instrument and musical accessories. It grew largely that we’ve already had 4 branches in one city. All of the instruments that we sell attract the buyers as it has this magnificent features and specification.

The other day, we had this huge sale on our shop about the product m-audio firewire solo at musicians friend; it was really a blast to all the buyers. People who are really engaged in music can barely love and relate to use this one without any hesitations. It has several features though it’s just a small piece of a musical accessory.

Love the magnifying sound

When I was just a kid, music had been a huge part of my life. I can say that because both of my parents are singers. They indulged themselves in singing and my dad who loves to play his guitar had catched my attention when I was a child before. As dad’s favorite daughter, he teaches me how to play a guitar and when it has been my masterpiece. I‘ve got a new idea in changing some new stuffs in the instruments that I played. All along with my mom we went to buy a ukulele at musicians friend, I think this would be a new stuff for me to be played. It can be a bit easy and catchier to play. So, I’m going to love this one for a long time!