September 13, 2016

Electric Guitar for a Rocker Chic

My two older sisters became members of our school cheerleading squad. They were quite popular in our area, and they joined competitions as well. Being their little sister, people expected me to follow suit, but I beg to differ. I do not like to don a cheerleading outfit, and instead of cheering and screaming hurrah, I would rather stay in the corner and compose my own music.

I like rock music, and I dream of being in a band, more than our school team. At first my sisters were adamant to change my decision, but after a while they learned to accept it. They even gave me a gc electric guitar that has a black and white color akin to our school hues. I could not believe it at first because I always wanted to have one. It looks sleek, and I knew that I would be able to play great music with it.

Valuable Electric Guitar Collection

I have a rather unique collection. Instead of collecting stamps or coins, I love to collect electric guitars. This all started back in 8th grade when I saw a great looking electric guitar in the hands of my uncle. He played it well and I was really impressed with his skills. He told me that aside from his guitar playing ability, the high quality instrument allowed him to play beautifully, and since then I have been mesmerized with electric guitars.

As of the moment I have collected a total of five guitars. After several weeks I will add one more to my collection. It is one of the best RME Audio that I saved up for. The owners of those guitars are very happy with their purchase so I would like to have one too. It would be a great addition because of its nice looks and perfect tune. Not only will I play better with it, I can also display and show it off to my colleagues.