April 27, 2013

When the Innovative System Strikes

If boredom tends to be your best company in your house, end it right in an instance because new business ideas online are parading the web for you to take a chance to work on them. As the modern time approach rapidly in our system, to go with the flow is a prerequisite. Business is not just meant for the business person but also opens for all individual who has the drive to earn some cash.

Many have tried it already and the success is not that hard to reach. Mainly, these kind of growing business industries today are pretty booming and trending as well. Good thing about having a business online is you handle your own time. You can be somebody's employee or simply be the boss.

April 24, 2013

Cartoons are for All Ages

During my childhood years, I considered cartoons are meant for kids only. I thought it is a simple way of convey their attention rather than playing outdoor activities without a proper guidance of the one responsible. What is in my mind is children will mostly be the benefactors and will appreciate the shallow funny acts cartoon shows expose. I think I made a wrong judgment. Cartoon is for everyone.

Cartoon itself has a main objective that is why it is watched and loved by kids- to entertain its every viewer. You may think that my interpretation to cartoons and anime has mix. To distinguish the difference between the two, anime is more stylized with common character designs and facial structures, detailed backgrounds, and a plot; while cartoons tend to be made to appeal to little kids by making the characters look deformed and having no point to the story. I am straight talking about cartoons and there are still numbers of matured people who enjoys the entertainment cartoon shows deliver. As I asked a cartoon patronage, watching couples of episodes of cartoon lower his stress level plus it serves as a bonding moment with his nephew.

April 21, 2013

Saving a Little Time to Lessen my Sins

I don’t know how many Sunday masses I have not attended so far. I even can’t remember when was the last time I talked to God, praise Him, thank Him and most especially, have his forgiveness for all the sins I committed. I did not become an anti-Christ; I'm still asking myself why.

As a Roman Catholic member, I put my Lord at the center before my family. My trust for Him never fails, but I admit that sometimes, I question Him for the things happened unfavorably for me. I am unfair. At that point it just shows that I care only for myself. I know God's heart is forgiving and he understands the reasons why my devotion for him is not fully given. I don't think He knows how to have grudge. I won’t promise, but start to change thing the way it should be. I will learn to divide my time in worthwhile things and mostly, offer myself and a prayer for Him even just for a while. Loving God leads everybody to love one another.

April 15, 2013

Hunting For a Father’s Love

To all of you people that still have their father, be glad, be proud, and feel blessed that you have your dad physically. Be thankful that your dads exist when you commit some mistakes, when you need a defender, and most especially when you have the time to spend with each other. Because me, I lost my father when i was still very young, I did not have the chance to know him well, did not have the chance to bond with him, I don't even remember his voice. Lucky for you guys that you will be spending your next many years with your dads. So again to all of you, who still have their dads; please inform them every minute of the day that you treasure each moment you were together. Let them hear you say how much you appreciate and love them.

April 13, 2013

A Devastated Crime Story 15 Years Ago

I was assigned to do a research paper by a customer, giving the name of Kip Kinkel as my main subject. As I was starting to browse different sites about him, I was shocked to know about the story behind Kinkel’s story.

He has a criminal record of murdering his own parents at the young age of 15.He was interested to different fire-arm as well as explosives at his early age. As I remember, his reason for killing his parents is to put them out of embarrassment due to the suspension he got after handling guns inside their university premises. Reading those facts makes my eye quite teary. Not contented, he drive straight to the university after the killing incident at Kinkel’s residence. He fired several time in the school cafeteria and killed in scene two other students. Though this incident happened 15 years ago, people who involved here will remain the bitter story of Kinkel murder. He was sentenced to be in jail for 111 years. I bet he would not complete the total years of punishment, for he won’t lie that long.

April 8, 2013

Sharing A Pair of Earrings

I am not a material woman who seeks expensive jewelries from my partner. I am not even fond of wearing them. I just recall the story of the lovers who shared a pair of earrings instead of having a ring in their fingers.

Paulo and Carryn are the people to this story. Neither of them belongs to a wealthy family. Unlike the rich guys who send flowers and different gifts for their girls, Paulo adds more a little each day his love and devotion for Carryn. It’s a good match that Carryn never asks for anything from Paulo but to be together all the time. Funny it may seem, how this lady though of an idea to share her earrings with the lad and make it as their partner symbol. Not bad, what they were earning for is not for some expensive gifts for each other but the guaranteed future they will face in next few years. I just admire their sweetness. Nothing beats an understanding and open communication relationship.

April 4, 2013

Loving my Favorite Color Yellow Way

There are hundreds of invented colors as of this very moment. Some may catch your eye and some may not. You personally have your own choice of color. I do have mine and it yellow.

I learned to love the sweet yellow color back when I’m in college. I think yellow represents my attitude as jealous type; it also shows the intellect of a person, signs of cheerfulness and being optimistic. When I was a child I had a lot of colors to be considered as my personal choice, But the Yellow color remains in my list. Some people don’t appreciate what I see in this color. I cannot defend it because I know that I won’t persuade them after all. What I know for real is I will be in love and the yellow color will comfort me and give me ease.