June 30, 2013

How Many Days Are Summer?

Calendars form part and parcel of our home decors. Even houses with expensive wall paneling and wall papers sports a simple calendar or an exquisite one on the wall. Calendar are also part and parcel of our children’s school education’s curriculum alongside time and money. One of the things that got more views in one day is the calendar; on walls and on desktops, bookcases and even mantel tops. Calendars are consulted even by the high and mighty kings and leaders.

The start of the school year during parents’ meetings school calendar of activities are already discussed to ready parents for the children’s programs of activities. All through-out the school year part by part school calendars are being posted in home-school communication’s notes, sheets or journals whatever your kid’s school uses. This is how I know Giou’s school activities because every day he’s just loaded into the school bus for school. Home by the end of the day what he has in his clutch is his communications notes. Pasted on the pages are school notices and announcements. I am very thankful for this tool because Giou has no way of remembering communications for him to relay. Giou, my angel has mild Attention Disorder. His heart would go Chug, Chug whenever an older person especially one he perceived as an authority talks to him. School Calendar of activities are ticked by my angel on his very own, very huge calendar prominently displayed near the refrigerator so I will see it every time I open the refrigerator and that’s too many times a day. Now that summer vacation are near, hismade to order special summer calendar is being readied. And the perennial question that he started to ask when he was able to tell dates and days “How many days are summer?” once again rings every time he is reminded summer is near.

June 28, 2013

Love to be Loved

Whenever I think of him, I can’t help but to smile. It might be the result of having this strange feeling towards him. Admiration, thankfulness, good motivator, a helping-hand and a loving person- this is him to me.

Each time I remember every single thing he changed in me through better, gives me the feeling that I was so blessed that I met him. I'm secured when I'm with him. I just really liked what I'm feeling. This feels so right, yet so wrong. The man whom I used to be my mentor was owned by another person already. I have been falling for a committed man. He feels the same way for me too. We both know that having an attachment would lead us into crucial situation but my heart is so weak to let him go. We continued our affair and his wife knew it eventually. I was the reason why they put an end to their marriage. I don't know what to feel the time I heard the news. Should I be sorry or should I be celebrating for his freedom?. The weight and responsibility of bringing home the bacon is now my duty. We are still together and striving hard to pass through every challenge we meet our way. The love that binds us as one will be our key to have the stable life we always dream on.

June 20, 2013

Stuck to my Father's Choice of Music

Making fun by others don't make me changed my mind to copy what genre of music they like. I love the classic songs from the 80's which I often heard from my father’s choice of music. I loved it because of the sincerity of the words, the way it was delivered and the soothing sounds they produces. Listening to their arts for me is like flowing energy through my entire body. I may be exaggerated, but for real, I am deeply in love with the 80's music.

It was also the genre of the true artist for me. Tyler's voice is amazing, Bon Jovi is charismatic and I melt in every song he performs. Bolton's distinct voice makes me cry, because I can’t copy his voice quality. I do still appreciate the modern songs. What it turns me off is the dirty language they incorporate in a song. Novelty songs can spread easily and children are one of those who catch the wordings instantly without knowing what each word meant. If there would be a concert starring the 80's stars, I would probably do my way to have a ticket and watch it live and wear my everlasting smile.

June 14, 2013

He Now Calls My Name

Just an hour ago, I was with someone I thought would treat me as a stranger. I predicted that he will just observe me as well as my moves. I see him smiles and sometimes we got eye to eye contact. Afraid for him to notice me looking, I round my sight each time.

For the whole three hours since they arrive, I didn't have the chance to talk to him, even to offer him a drink. My concern is he might reject me and be embarrassed at the end. Until he was about to take his by his dad, and I was on the way, he formed a post supposedly to punch me, but changed it with a smile again. I took it as a pure joke from him and I use that moment to be my opening. After several minutes have passed, he called my name. "Kaye, assist me please...” I was shocked to know that he knows my name and the fact that he takes the initiative for us to talk. I'm flattered, especially when he asked me to stay by side for a moment and offered my his snacks. Remembering our first encounter, I know he I was jealous with me but now, I think I can be a friend to him. My Carlo's little boy finally calls me by my name.

June 8, 2013

The Science in Every Drop of Coffee

In general, people tend to have a cup of coffee before starting their day but have you ever tasted or heard the goodness of Organo Gold Coffee? Like any other coffee, this brewed beverage with a unique aroma and taste, boosts and activates ones energy characterized by its caffeine.

The roasted seed drink under the Organo Gold Company is a product where enhancing health is their main priority. Ganoderma is a kind of mushroom used in promoting good health in traditional Chinese medicine. Making a stronger stamina and protecting immune system are few of the many benefits offered by Ganoderma. To spread the knowledge about the Ganoderma is a mission for this institution; for they believe that it should be in the hands of everyone. Black Coffee, Gourmet Café Mocha, Gourmet Latte, King of Coffee, Gourmet Royal Brewed and Gourmet Coffee supreme are the different flavors of coffees they are offering.

June 3, 2013

Discipline in Earning Pays

I never practiced to be thrifty when it comes to money matter. I may not send it all at once but the minute I turn a bill in a smaller value, it is now the signal to start my bad habit of spending it continuously. I wanted to control this action so I made a resolution and started to do it January 2011.

I required myself to save 40 each day and I must not pass a single day not depositing to my “bank “at home- my mom. She was the one who kept the daily record and my money in a safety place. When instances like I was about to forget doing my duty, mom insisted me to make a way. I loved the hand bag I saw in the boutique near our street but cannot avail it at that very moment because I was short. It was December last year when I can finally have my earned money. I was in joy when my mom hand me a total of 14,400 pesos, not including yet the Christmas bonus for me. As soon as she hand me the money, I ran fast heading to the boutique to see if the bag is still there. As I got home, I was holding two hand bags- one for me and the other for my mom. I got the bags for sale and still left a huge amount in my savings. I would definitely continue this act, it’s worth it.