June 20, 2013

Stuck to my Father's Choice of Music

Making fun by others don't make me changed my mind to copy what genre of music they like. I love the classic songs from the 80's which I often heard from my father’s choice of music. I loved it because of the sincerity of the words, the way it was delivered and the soothing sounds they produces. Listening to their arts for me is like flowing energy through my entire body. I may be exaggerated, but for real, I am deeply in love with the 80's music.

It was also the genre of the true artist for me. Tyler's voice is amazing, Bon Jovi is charismatic and I melt in every song he performs. Bolton's distinct voice makes me cry, because I can’t copy his voice quality. I do still appreciate the modern songs. What it turns me off is the dirty language they incorporate in a song. Novelty songs can spread easily and children are one of those who catch the wordings instantly without knowing what each word meant. If there would be a concert starring the 80's stars, I would probably do my way to have a ticket and watch it live and wear my everlasting smile.

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