June 3, 2013

Discipline in Earning Pays

I never practiced to be thrifty when it comes to money matter. I may not send it all at once but the minute I turn a bill in a smaller value, it is now the signal to start my bad habit of spending it continuously. I wanted to control this action so I made a resolution and started to do it January 2011.

I required myself to save 40 each day and I must not pass a single day not depositing to my “bank “at home- my mom. She was the one who kept the daily record and my money in a safety place. When instances like I was about to forget doing my duty, mom insisted me to make a way. I loved the hand bag I saw in the boutique near our street but cannot avail it at that very moment because I was short. It was December last year when I can finally have my earned money. I was in joy when my mom hand me a total of 14,400 pesos, not including yet the Christmas bonus for me. As soon as she hand me the money, I ran fast heading to the boutique to see if the bag is still there. As I got home, I was holding two hand bags- one for me and the other for my mom. I got the bags for sale and still left a huge amount in my savings. I would definitely continue this act, it’s worth it.

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