May 28, 2013

How I End up Rejecting Those Times

In the year 2005, 2nd day of September, I hated the world for a while. Without prior notice, HE has taken my brother away from our family. Words can’t be used to describe how hefty each one of us felt about the incident. We were all stuck in a moment, we were all in pain.

I and my brother are the typical type of siblings. Some arguments rises, sometimes we get along. We were never open to each other, never expresses the love verbally but we know there is. I wished so many times that life could be played also as a movie, can be changed, can have flashbacks and can have a happy ending story. Life is a reality I must face. He is gone and will never be back home. I cursed the people who end his life, I hated every fraternity. I had an ultimate wish but I know to myself that I t would never ever be happened. I cannot do anything to turn back time and stop him for joining frat. It was too late for me to realize that I should cherish every single moment I have with loved ones. I must show them how I intensely care for them. I love to be with him even for a short time and feel his arms wrapped around me, even just in my dream…

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