May 16, 2013

I’m Hating the Haters

Almost all of the people creates and uses various social media account in their daily basis. To post their everyday achievements in their respective wall never minds me at all. I do have friends who do the same action. It sometimes annoying to read post with none sense at all, But what could I do. I'm just a reader and I respect each and everyone's opinion. What bothers me now is the fact that there are groups of people who points out these behaviors.

Okay, as I said, I cannot control anyone's opinion but the fact that they want to be connected and have an attachment makes me annoy more. If that people can take the habits of the post-lover, then why waste time talking craps about them? Why can they live them alone and mind their own business, In fact, it won’t do good for them. I don't really want to be the person I am talking to, I just want to express freely what I feel towards them. I just want to have everybody's freedom.

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