August 23, 2013

I Miss the Single Life

I miss being single. Sometimes I wonder what my life has been if I didn’t marry early, will I achieve my dreams? What I miss from being single was being able to be free, no commitments, no family to worry about, you would only care about your career, your friends, dating. I miss the fun of meeting new people, meeting someone of the opposite sex and liking them. I miss the part of just having a boyfriend and all you do is just talk on the phone, go on a date, watch movies, just all the honeymoon stage feeling and when you’re tired of each other you can just move on and find a new one.

I was kind of envious about my single friends because they happened to achieve their wants and they are enjoying singlehood, they can just leave anytime they want, not like me who is now married and patiently enduring the low downs of marriage. My friends wanted me to go out and have fun but it’s not that simple because you have different responsibilities, far different from being single. Sometimes I hate that my friends can’t understand me, it’s hard for them to understand despite how many times I explain but I forgive them because you can’t expect everybody to put their shoes on the same shoes as mine. I know in time it’ll all get better, I just need patience.

Larry the Cucumber’s Expensive Tuba

As we were window shopping one afternoon just to unwind, we happen upon a music store. My son immediately ask permission if he can go have a look inside. We followed him wanting to be updated with his current interests.

He was still looking at same stuffs, guitars, drums, so we let him be. My husband went outside while I stayed to check out this ginormous musical instrument that cost a fortune. It was a cerveny 686 cbb tuba. I was curious because it was my first time to see one up close. I was glad my son never even bothered to look. I heaved a sigh of relief knowing that the closest we’d ever be to having a tuba in the house is watching Larry the Cucumber play it on Veggie Tales.

August 16, 2013

A Two and Half hour Reunion with my Friends

I was not allowed to go somewhere else by Carlo, my business partner in the computer shop we were running together, unless I’ll be dealing with matters accordance to the shop. That’s how strict he is.

I found a way to get out of our crib and go to the mall to meet my then boss. I was informed the night before the meeting that she would not be available the next day so she cancelled our appointment. But I still went to the mall and meet others anyways. I used my two and half our in the mall, chatting with what’s going on with our own lives. Bea, who has an adorable kid already and Diane, presently pregnant teases me to jump on to plan for my own family too. I just gave them a smile in return, knowing my marriage life has yet started but not blessed by the sacred Holy Spirit. I live with my business partner like my husband. And to prevent him knowing what my purpose of enjoying myself for a while, I made an alibi that I waited for my boss but she never came. Instead of going back home with nothing, I bought him a piece of stuff that he needs in the computer shop. My two and half hours reunion with my friends is still kept as a secret. Looking forward to meet the again in a much longer time and sneaking no more.

Do Your Designing Work Online

We now live in the era of technology. We are doing best using different kinds of technology. You can even make designs online. There are different cad library to help you to do designing work. Some of them are free. But some of them are not. The premium websites are usually better than the free sites. But if you are a newbie or you just want to do simple works then it is highly recommended that you take on some free sites.

Using internet, the cad work has become easier. You will not only have chance to use the cad software’s properties but also you can use the free library of cad work that will help you to compare your work with other designers. You will also find resources there. You can also use the service to do work for business. Some websites have services for their customer to hire designers online.

Pursuing A Business Minded Attitude

Today, finding job is already a “work” you may call to. The competition in the corporate world is getting fierce and stiffer and stiffer. I was one of the many people who kept of applying to different companies but hasn’t met the luck yet. That is why I decided to search a job on the internet. Luckily, I was accepted but another business idea is running in my mind. Home-made food business-yema balls on the go.

Why not give it a try, no one knows if it will be trending unless it was tried. You don’t need to be an expert in able to do these sweets. You may found the needed material just around your kitchen and the cost of the ingredients is not that hefty. Ingredients are 6 egg yolks, a can of condensed milk, white sugar and two table spoon of butter. Materials would be non-stick pan and wooden spoon. Just mix the egg yolks and the milk together, before putting in a low heat pan placed with butter. Stir continuously until the mixture thickens like a congee. Transfer it a container and let it dry for a moment. After 15 minutes, you can form a round shape out of it and wrap it in a colored paper, and it’s done. Simple and yet a good start for a business

Good Keyboard for Your Band

Keyboard is one of the supporting instruments of the music. It is a subtle in terns if music. You might not notice the music if you here it for the first time. But the thing is, this keyboard will support the entire composition. If you know anything about the music composition then you know that you will need an instrument that will link the sounds from various types of instrument in one single composition.

A keyboard will coordinate that for you, Boost the sound of a weak tone and it will make the sound of the strong material pleasant to the ears. So, better music of your band will gravely be dependant on the perfect keyboard. Keyboard could be costly and you shouldn’t buy one new before you are experienced. So buy used keyboard first. They sell exceptional used keyboards at musicians friend. You could take their service.

Are You Looking for an Awesome Guitar?

Guitars are the main part of modern concert. We can not imagine a show without a guitar. Guitar plays a lead role in the musical component. It is not that you can not do a concert without a real guitar. There are instruments and technologies to make up the lack of guitar. However, even now the demand of the guitar remains the same. Now a days rock musicians mostly use electric guitar. Some of them use acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar hasn’t lost its appeal even now. There goes the acoustic and electric guitars.

But some of the musicians thought, it would be very cool to make a guitar that will have the efficiency of an electric guitar with the fluid sound of an acoustic guitar. So they have made a hybrid of acoustic and electric guitar. Guitars like gibson songwriter deluxe will give you a the power of the electric guitar and you will have the beauty of the acoustic guitar.

I Would Rather Be….

I believe in after life. I am convinced that the reincarnations truly exist. My beliefs regarding this matter are mostly from the books and articles I have read in various sites. How about you? Is the rebirth cycle persuades you?

I respect other’s opinion if they are against my conviction, but my will would not be changed. If I would be given a chance to choose another life, I would rather be a butterfly in my next life. I just admire and adore the life cycle of the butterfly before they come to an end and fly their wings to the flower gardens. Starting with larvae, caterpillar and will eventually develop the wings that make every butterfly distinct from one another. To fly is one of the skills human can’t do without the support of flying materials and that is one of the things I want to do. If I would ask you now, what would you be like in your after life?

Quality Brochures for You

Brochure is the cheap and fast way of advertisement. No other medium of advertisement will work so fast and silently as the brochures. They will let people know about you and your matter of advertisement on the go. People walking, riding or flying on a plane will read the brochures. That is how your product is advertised in various levels.

There is no rule that the adverting should be only for business purposes. Brochures maybe used for nay kind of advertisements. Like, you can use it for a meting arrangement or letting people know about some football match. Whatever the reason is one thing you have to keep in mind. Your brochure must be attractive. You should print brochures from the trusted companies. And do not forget to be very specific. If you order them correctly. They will give you quality product. And, order small for first order.

Why Buy Gold?

People have been using gold as a medium for finance for over two millennia. It has been a great way of representing money since is rare and you can not easily make a duplicate of the gold. Even now, the gold is used in many kinds of industry and consumer users. The most shocking thing is, about ninety five percent of earth’s total gold is deposited in the vaults as gold bullion. But if you are looking for an answer about why people buy gold; that will take some explanations.

Gold have less liquidity than any other medium of finance. Its value almost never decreases and you can easily convert it to other wealth. If your capital is converted to gold then after a decade it will be increased. It will not decrease. That is how gold is still in the top of the list, when you talk about safe investment.

August 4, 2013

Flat Shoes with Skinny Jeans

Assuming that you have long legs and tight hips, graceful expression flats and skimmers are awesome for matching with skinny pants. Since they're not in any way massive, they won't emerge or point out an excessive amount of your feet, and they moreover assistance precede the lean outline made by the skinny pants.

Flats with pointy toes are additionally an exceptional choice, yet just if you're not reluctant about the measure of your feet. While the look is ultra-thinning, shoes with pointy toes can additionally make your feet look extremely long and they're not dependably the most agreeable decision either. Provided that you're not long and lean, blending flats with skinny pants just accentuates that certainty. It’s no news that shoes and shoes with wedge heels are every last trace of the fierceness this time of year, yet a considerable measure of the styles you see truly aren't work-suitable particularly depending on if you work in a sort of traditionalist office.

In any case, what I cherish about the aforementioned pretty sling back pumps is that they're master and chic, making them the completely impeccable wedges for work. A different extraordinary thing about the aforementioned shoes is that they go in burdens of fundamental colors, so there's truly something that will fit in with any lady's wardrobe.

August 3, 2013

An Unappreciated Gift of Technology

My officemate just bought exceptional audio-technica headphones as his birthday present for his brother. He says that he would have bought any other brand but the model that he bough just got good reviews that it was almost a no-brainer to decide on it. His brother, however, a low tech kind of guy, could barely tell the difference between the headphones he used to have and the new ones that he got.

That just shows how different these boys are. While my officemate rides on the tide of new technologies and even follows tech bloggers on twitter and his RSS feed, his brother simple does not care about the brand of mobile phone he has nor the model. The last I heard was that he still owns the phone their parents got him for his high school graduation gift and mind you, he’s already 2 years removed from college.