August 23, 2013

I Miss the Single Life

I miss being single. Sometimes I wonder what my life has been if I didn’t marry early, will I achieve my dreams? What I miss from being single was being able to be free, no commitments, no family to worry about, you would only care about your career, your friends, dating. I miss the fun of meeting new people, meeting someone of the opposite sex and liking them. I miss the part of just having a boyfriend and all you do is just talk on the phone, go on a date, watch movies, just all the honeymoon stage feeling and when you’re tired of each other you can just move on and find a new one.

I was kind of envious about my single friends because they happened to achieve their wants and they are enjoying singlehood, they can just leave anytime they want, not like me who is now married and patiently enduring the low downs of marriage. My friends wanted me to go out and have fun but it’s not that simple because you have different responsibilities, far different from being single. Sometimes I hate that my friends can’t understand me, it’s hard for them to understand despite how many times I explain but I forgive them because you can’t expect everybody to put their shoes on the same shoes as mine. I know in time it’ll all get better, I just need patience.

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