December 24, 2013

He's Not That Into You

You have been dating this great guy for several months. However, not once did he tell you to go steady, or even said the magical words ''I love you.'' So where does that put you? Well, let me break it to you girl, he is probably not that into you.

Perhaps you have missed the signs, or you are just in denial. That is why to help you determine if it is true, then watch out for the following. First, if you have been dating for a long time but have never met his friends or family, then that is a sure sign that he is ready to let you go anytime. A guy who is serious with his current flame will be proud to show her off.

Next is his aversion to talk about anything personal. If a man likes you, then he will share his life story with you, no matter how trivial. Lastly, if you cannot reach him easily when you want to, then he is probably out partying with another girl. These signs only mean one thing. He is not as serious as you want him to be. There is only one thing left for you to do and that is to run towards the hills and never look back.

December 23, 2013

Shopping Saving Tips 101

Shopping can be different things. it can be a form of an exercise. It can also be a recreation for those who are not working. Whatever way one views it can be a very fun thing to do. As for me the only way I find shopping fun is when I get to buy stuffs at the same time saves money.

I remember getting a save on tascam psp520 at Musicians Friend. It was one of the things I bought were I was able to get big discounts. Number one tip on how to score big savings is to buy in bulk. Sellers gave big discounts to those who buy in bulk. Another saving tip is to wait for mall sales. You can also visit bazaar to look for cheap finds.

December 14, 2013

Are Writers Born or Made?

Some suggest that inborn intelligence and natural talent in learning a language are all that one needs to become a good writer. Well, what about the experiences that we all go through in life, the hardships that we have overcome or failed to overcome, the overwhelming joy that we feel in those rare moments when this world reveals its beauty in its purest form, just like: seeing your daughter for the first time or experiencing a mother’s unconditional love?

Everyone is an observer and everybody has a story to tell. Speak out! Don't worry about your words not being good enough. Forget about trying to sound smart. There is no use in pretending. Pomposity reeks like a dead fish left inside a block of odorous unpasteurized French cheese. Readers will know when you’re feeding them crap.

Just be honest. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to listen to someone who can speak their heart out, regardless of what educational background, poor test results, poor grammar, limited vocabulary or even chronic drunkenness. A brilliant idea is more powerful than perfect grammar. It cannot be constrained by how poorly it is written.

The Reluctant Pianist commits his life to Christ

Charlie started out his musical career playing the drums. He wanted to be a rock star and found the drums to be the key to that lifestyle. Although his Mother made him learn the Piano, Charlie saved up his allowance to buy himself a great set of drums.

He did get his wish, he became a great rock star, living the life and also ruining it. He sadly turned into drugs to keep up with the adrenaline. His down spiral should have lead him to his death, but God had a purpose for him.

I met Charlie when I joined the Choir, just heard about his life story during one of our retreats. I never knew him as the speed addict he used to be. Charlie to me will always be the one spreading God’s word behind his Yamaha digital pianos at musicians friend.

The Best of Concertos in CCP

The Head of CCP revamped the Cultural Center with brandished new Musical Instruments. She was able to hold a successful Fund Raising Event calling all of the almost dying breed of Affluent Culture Enthusiasts in Manila. Her Plight to re invent our Cultural Center was heeded and a stream of donors brought life back to the almost dilapidating Center.

We were one of the lucky ones to present the new instruments in a Summer Concert in CCP. My beautiful timpani at musicians friend shone like a star amidst equally shimmering instruments that littered the stage that Summer night. We gave the Sponsors the most spectacular concerto to date.

Leah Salonga did a solo number as testament to her loyalty to CCP. We were in awe at her beautiful voice, she outshined all of us. It was all for CCP, the most amazing of all Centers in this country.

The Positive Impact of Globalization in the Philippine Setting

In Philippine society today, globalization has brought new things to Philippine society, such as foreign media and a gateway to other cultures, since we are made known to others. It is a multi-way communication that has helped our country relate with other nations, because of the exchange of each countries’ information.

Filipino globalization is one of the biggest contributors to Philippine economy. Constituting it are Filipinos from the lower class to elite backgrounds: OFWs and international celebrities such as Manny Pacquiao. Globalization brings new discoveries from other countries to the Philippines. This helps in speeding up development. It also makes our defense situation known to others. If ever we are in peril, there is help.

Globalization plays a crucial role in a nation’s progress as a singular body and also as a community. It conveys what we are to the world, as well us making the world known to us.

When we lose our way, a hand will lead you back

My Mother has been a volunteer worker all her life. The helping hand to any project that needed that extra volunteer. We have always admired her charitable spirit, made us feel incompetent despite our academic degrees. She loved caring for people and we often wondered if it was because of our grandparents who gave her a home when she was a baby in an orphanage.

One summer when Mother volunteered for a center for subutex rehab, she opened up to us about her reasons for doing volunteer work. She was crying when she said that her mother could be anyone of those who needed a helping hand. Just like her adoptive parents, she wanted to give people a second chance in life.

I won’t ever forget that moment when she opened up that day. Won’t ever forget that I was a product of a second chance and that people despite the dark still has a light in them.

The Reunion that the whole class needed

Times have been really hard ever since Haiyan hit the shores of Roxas. A couple of our friends from the US touched base to show support. A lot of them were coming home for the holidays and our class president who was flying in from Australia started a Grand Reunion Party for the Holidays. It was themed, through broken roads.

Our Class Treasurer who was staying in New Jersey ordered online for a custom challenge coin. It will be the souvenir for the Grand Reunion. Classmates who couldn’t make it mailed in their support for the Party.

It was really a much needed party after the horrific storm that had destroyed a lot of livelihood. A much needed respite and reminder that we have friends despite the distance.

December 2, 2013

Too Bad I Am Not Your Friend

I’m not bragging, but I am the only one who has a lot of money to spare in the office. Everyone is just making both ends meet, and I am fortunate that I have more for some pleasures in life. I have always been generous and helpful, so people come to me for help. However there is this group that I would not help, and they know it.

I do not use my power to help others so I could get even or could manipulate other people. There are just co-workers who are simply very arrogant. They used to be well-liked by the owners, but they met their downfall when the owners conducted a loyalty check on their employees. Now, they could not ask the boss for cash advances because they are ashamed to do so. Now they are in need which is not new, and they are making advances and ways to reach out to me, so they could borrow money from me. If they did not push me to the limit while they were still favored by the boss, then they would not have problems borrowing money from me.

Indeed there are no permanent friends and enemies, so it is advisable not to trust anyone fully. For now, I would say that these people who did grave mistakes to me in the past do not have a place in my world. It’s better to keep safe distance, or get hurt again.

The Booming City in South California

Located at the Southern part of California was considered to be a major city of the State, san diego. It was one of the biggest cities in the United States and is believed to be growing fast. This city was claimed by the Spaniards in the fifteen hundred but was later on claimed by the Mexican empire in the eighteen hundreds. Years after that the American waged war on with the Mexican empire and acknowledge the city in 1850.

Because of it have many defence infrastructures it became the center of military activities during the World War II but after the war they held back in military activities and focused more in improving their technological research and tourism.

This place grew from a small town to a big urban city with plenty of skyscrapers to see, the climate here is perfect during summer and winter is not so cold so you can say that it has a mild weather all year round. The city’s ecosystem consists mostly of chapparal plants that could withstand drought. The Torrey pine which is now dying out can also be found here in bulks. Since these trees are endangered they are preserving the tree areas by putting off building constructions.

The population of the city has over a million which consist of a diverse races; it was dominated by white Americans, followed by Asians (Filipino, Chinese, Indian Korean and Japanese) black Americans and other races. Tourists do come in here because it has a beautiful beach line, national parks and amusements parks. It is also been called “America’s Craft beer Capital”.

Thank science for this audio system

When friend’s performs live with cheering crowds screaming for them it is hard to hear the music or the band. As a group they needed to hear each other crystal clear or else they might be ruining the show and you can’t blame the crowd for screaming because that’s also your fault; that is what you wanted them to do and it wouldn’t be good if they stay quiet. You wanted them to enjoy the show as much as you wanted to give them the best performance without any audio flaw.

This is why having an in-ear wireless monitor comes handy for those bands out there not just in bands but in every theatrical performances that deals with big crowds. This technology helped thousands of performers out there not to mess up on stage and just giving the crowd what they wanted.

November 27, 2013

Aiming for Excellence!

Every year, everyone is aiming for excellence in their own little ways. As for me, I aim for excellence by doing my job as honestly as I can without doing favours or taking sides. Even though I am an employee of a private corporation, it is my duty as a Certified Public Accountant to prepare financial reports that is fairly presented, without bias, neither to the company nor to the government. That is my daily aim for the past year for every working day that passes by.

Last week was our appraisal period and it is my second time to be rated. Although this year would be my first year in taking part of the appraisal process. At first I was doubtful because really didn’t know if I'm doing anything right with my appraisal form. But then, I was surprised when my boss never really changed a material percentage on my grade. I got an A grade with a score of 97.09% and I am one lucky girl. For me it was a successful year and I promise to strive more with my work.

Getting Ahead

I started my Christmas shopping early this year—I’m not the type of person who appreciates too much competition in the market. Some of the items, I bought from malls such as clothes and accessories for my nieces, while some I had to order online such as the gretsch honeydipper I bought for my husband.

Not only does early shopping save you from the hassle of Christmas rush, it also gets you great deals and bargain items. It’s very practical. There’s only one downside though—if you don’t know how to keep the presents well for a long time, the recipients will eventually find them and the element of surprise will be gone! If you’re planning to do early shopping next year, my advice is to find a great hiding place first before buying items so you can keep them out of sight as soon as you bring them home.

November 21, 2013

Helping a friend out

My best friend, Sasha, is looking for a gift that his brother requested from her. She’s looking for an affordable zoom ms100bt but she has no idea where to buy one. She’s not much of a music fan and she doesn’t even know what that thing is for. But she wants to grant her brother’s wish because he’s been through a lot lately.

I decided to help her out and searched online for stores that may offer this product. There were a lot of helpful results and I showed it to her. I’m not really sure why she hasn’t thought of buying online but at least I got to lend her a helping hand. I hope this gift will help cheer her brother up and make him happy this Christmas.

If I Lived On A Deserted Island

I saw a movie titled “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks decades ago. In the movie, the main actor is trapped in a deserted island with nowhere to go and has to survive. I can’t imagine myself being in that situation. If I was in a deserted island, I believe I cannot survive. I know that human can exceed their stamina and brain in sticky situation. But I cannot imagine myself in an island where there is no electricity.

Just half a day of power down in my city can cause really inconvenience live. People like to connect with other people and without electricity that cannot happen. I can’t play games, wash the clothes, cook the rice, and more. Every single daily life activities nowadays is requiring electricity. So, if I happen to stuck in a deserted island, I don’t know if I can survive. But, one thing for sure, I cannot survive the inconvenience of the lack electricity.

Looking for a party DJ

I’m throwing a party next week and I’m planning on going all out and hiring either a live band or a DJ. I discussed this with some of my friends to get their opinion since they are the ones who will be listening and bopping to the music. Apparently, DJs are the ’in’ thing for parties these days. So I searched online for DJs near our vicinity. I found one just two blocks away from us and immediately left him a message.

I asked him to invite me to one of his sets so I can get a feel of his music. He agreed and told me to visit the club he usually plays at—I went there last night. Needless to say, it was an awesome night and he was an excellent DJ! He even allowed me to try out his exciting digital dj equipment. I hired him on the spot.

Say goodbye to rush holiday shopping

As a personal goal, I see to it that I’m able to give gifts to every member of my family on Christmas. Even back then when I still didn’t have the means to pay for gifts, I offer them services instead. I never let a holiday season go by without spreading joy to the people I love. These days, I love holiday shopping even more because I don’t have to fall in line with shoppers anymore. I can easily do my shopping online!

I bought a couple of clothes for my parents, some make-up for my older sister, a toy robot for my little brother, and a juice goose 11-20a at m123 for my boyfriend. The good thing about this is that everything will be delivered straight to my apartment and I won’t have to spend too much time looking for gifts anymore!

November 5, 2013

I Have Lived A Thousand Characters

I am a book lover. And book lover often dream and imagine characters from the books. If I can tell the truth, I have lived a thousand characters in my imaginary world. As a book lover, I often find myself dreaming becoming the main lead heroine and save the day. Well, who doesn’t want to be their own hero or heroine. I know that my imaginary stops at my imagination, reality are reality. But sometimes great inventions come first as a figment of imaginary things.

I can create my own world and fill it with creatures from my imagination. I guess that is how such great writer comes up with ideas for their books. I always love great details to the city or landscape in the books and the characters. Creating one imaginary world is not an easy task, the audience and reader has to be really sucks into the world so they wish they never leave that world. I wonder if virtual reality is going to become the real things in the future.

A Trip to a Pet Store

My friend asked me one day to accompany her to a pet store to buy two heated cat houses. Before that day I honestly did not know that such project exists in the market. When we arrived at the store I was totally clueless on what I should be looking for. Thankfully the store attendant was very helpful.

What I find funny is that I though they’ll be warm enough under the covers of our bed. Although I own my own dog I have never realized that even our loving and loyal friend needs something like this. That trip to the store truly made me understand that like human, pets also needs the same things that we do like a nice warm house on a cold winter night.

October 30, 2013

Why some people use cigarette?

Cigarette smoking is one of the most common vices among men and women alike. Young or old, they seem to think it’s a good idea to smoke. Well, it’s not. And I simply do not understand how a sane person might think otherwise. I even tried one to find out what the fuss was all about—like when my friends tell me it’s hard to quit or whatever. I didn’t cough or choke, but I didn’t like it either. It felt like sucking in pollution straight to your lungs.

Aside from the disappointing taste (because I actually thought it tasted good, what with all the people going crazy over cigarettes), it also gives people bad breath and poor health. Not only does it affect the smoker himself, it also affects the people around him. It adds to the air pollution and people who accidentally inhale the secondhand smoke will also be affected—I think many will agree that smokers who are aware of this are just a little too selfish, should they continue this bad habit.

Yes, smokers may have a reason why they simply cannot quit, but is that reason good enough to make them risk their body, their health, the wellbeing of others and of Mother Earth? I don’t think so.

For the Love of Apricots

My brother isn’t much of a nutritionist, which is why it surprised me when he send me an email the other day, telling me about going to Apricot Power for apricot seeds. He explained his research into the health benefits of apricots and the importance of B17, and how Apricot Power carried products grown close by in California. He also told me how in love he and his family are with the taste.

Needless to say, I immediately took his advice and checked out the information and placed my order. I couldn’t try his, because he lives so far away from me, but, after receiving mine this morning, I have to say that his review was absolutely spot-on. These are excellent. I think I’ve found my new favorite snack, and it’s healthy too!

The Graduation Keepsake Reversal

When I graduated from high school, I got a generic class ring with my birthstone and some symbols on the sides that really meant very little to me. I put little to no thought into it and really only purchased one because of the pressure from my parents, who said I needed a keepsake (as if the tassels, pictures, diploma, and memories weren’t enough) and peer pressure.

Now, I am graduating college, and, after 5 years of painstaking hard work and long nights of writing, my feelings on keepsakes have changed. Late last night, while searching for class rings, I came across the perfect one in my price range and purchased it immediately. Needless to say, I put far more thought into this class ring than my high school one.

Impersonating Is Also A Talent

I am very well entertained to see other people copying prominent people from the way they dress, the way they talk, and every move they did. Iconic people like the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley and the King of Pop Michael Jackson are one of the most impersonated people. Their distinct way of carrying those clothes, their unique moves and the signature act they did is mostly copied by their super avid fans.

This stuff is not a big deal for others, but for me, it is. Copying a person in almost perfectly way is hard and there would always be a judgment coming, sometimes good criticism. The comparison to the original would always be there also. Having the perfect gesture requires a lot of time of studying every single detail their character portrays. Just be entertained when you saw someone pretending to be somebody they are not, mind them not if you have no good to tell. Dealing to convince people is yet hard, simple appraisal would ease them.

A Dangerous New Discovery

One of the coolest collections I have come across in a long time is guy harvey designer jewelry. Now, I am not much for jewelry myself. Only wear my wedding ring and am not much for accessorizing, but there are some excellent pieces in there. From gemstone beauties to full color bass, guy harvey seems to have been inspired by everything. Not only am I shopping this collection for myself, I’m finding things that would make great gifts for almost everyone I know, except maybe my son, who is far too young for jewelry.

I am sure his work isn’t actually going to appeal to everyone and it really only suits certain occasions, the diversity of the pieces available and the creativity of them really impressed me and kept me pouring through pages for far longer than I should have been, considering that I told myself I wasn’t going to buy anything else this month.

Avoiding Accidentally Sales to Minors

If you own your own business, you know how important it is to control costs. If what you own sells alcohol, you know how costly even an accidental violation of underage drinking laws can be. Outside of the monetary price you pay, you also have the stigma of apathy attached to your business that comes with such violations.

The new id checkers coming out now are a very effective way of protecting your business from this unnecessary frustration and expense. They spot fakes for you, weeding out even the best of them. There are some nearly perfect fakes out there and catching them all yourself, without specialized training or experts, is nearly impossible. With these, the guesswork is gone.

October 18, 2013

The 8 Hour Ride

I don’t like to stay at moving vehicles for long times. More, I don’t like if that vehicle is a plane. Because you can’t stop on the way and get down if you feel suffocated. Well, this time the awful journey is to one of the beach at my home town. From the big city, it is about 200 kilometers. But, the traffic is really heavy on that road. So, we spend almost 8 hours ride until we arrived at the destination. Of course, we stop for gas and dinner. But, what I can’t stand is the roads; it is so bumpy and dark with only 3 meters vision range.

I ask the driver whether he has been to that beach before. And he said, only once. That answer didn’t sit well with me. I am so nervous. So I always ask him to be careful and drive slowly. After we arrived at the destination hotel, I am so relieved. But, I know that I still have to go through it again on the way home. At least, it is midday when we got home, so the road will be visible.

Fashion for Little Tots

Fashion nowadays is not just for adults but it is now also available for our cute little children. It’s like dressing up small Barbie dolls and Ken dolls. These fashionable finds range from cute and chic little dresses for small girls to really handsome polo shirts and pants for your little prince. It’s perfect since parents love nothing else but shower their young ones all the best stuffs.

Clothes and shoes are not the only one in the market available for your children. There are also different kinds of kids eyeglasses readily available in the market. It comes in different shapes and sizes and colors. It’s a great accessories for those hip and stylish little princess and princes of our life.

Why We Love Chick Literature

My love for chick literature started with teen chick lit master writer, Meg Cabot. After reading almost all of her books, I moved on to Sarah Dessen then Rachel Gibson to Jennifer Weiner and the list goes on. Contrary to a lot of beliefs, chick lits are not merely the female version of porn nor is it mind-numbing. Chick literatures are celebration of woman hood. What I love about chick literature is that it depicts the life of modern women. It is every woman’s escape to their lives. It gives women the chance to live and be emboldened through somebody else’s life, whether or not it’s based on a true story or pure fiction.

Chick Lit books are like beacons of hope for women. It tells them that happy endings do exist. It tells them to be strong patient, that no matter how cruel life sometimes is, happiness will find its way to them.

Everything In Its Rightful Place

In this world were things sometimes gets out of control, people tend to get more frustrated over simple things. So in this busy and stressful world of ours I find solace inside the house where I make sure that everything is in order. For a control freak like me, imagine my frustration when things don’t go well according to plan. That is why when it comes inside the house I make sure that all stuffs are in its proper place.

Another place that I want spotless is the dining and the kitchen area. Here I make sure to organize my pots and pans according to size and the most frequent used. I either hang it near the sink or keep it in clean and dry cabinets. It’s also very important to keep all pans and pots clean because this is where we cook all our foods.

October 5, 2013

Indoor Winter Wear Gorgeous Swimsuits

What better way to keep fit indoors during the freezing days of winter than to do yoga? Yoga unlike the outdoors winter sports skiing; requires light and tight fitting cotton suits like tights, leggings and swimsuits. There are women who are well endowed like big busts or big butts and couldn’t seem to fit into most of the swimsuits sold ready to wear in department stores and boutiques. One friend admittedly categorize herself with this women.

She found the perfect solution to her problem when we saw an online ad that says has swimsuits for big busts. Now buying her swimsuits for those winter yoga sessions and even for her beach outings during summer don’t pose a big threat to her enjoying her winters indoors and her summers at the beach. We don’t have to feel guilty leaving her behind because she won’t come with us and envy us while we display nice colorful bikinis and she in shorts and racer back tank.

September 29, 2013

How Online Marketing Brings the Best of You

If you have not joined the so called online marketing world or whatsoever, you are really missing out the best opportunity given to you. An online marketing provides several benefits that are pretty much endless compare to other settling opportunities available. It offers important benefits with the use of internet marketing which can lead you to success in the long run. Besides, a lot of questions usually get into our minds especially to those individuals who wanted to join internet marketing. First would be on how it benefits us people.

Sometimes a quick response is needed to assure things are going in perfectly. Before you continue, make sure you have that piece of paper to write on. Since we al know that online marketing involves settling goals and priorities and even an online advertising campaign or in short the so called online benefits. being able to advertise with a small on hand budget is greatly one of the main benefits of online marketing. Anyone who is in small budget can evenly handle online business as well. Besides, you can afford to pay via online which are the most common payouts as of today.

September 25, 2013

Four Steps In Christmas Decorations

Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday. Especially in Manila where Christmas starts after Halloween and ends just before Valentines. After regretting throwing away last year’s tree, the hunt for fig trees to adorn the already cramped up living room is the first step. Next are personalized christmas tree ornaments, which lights up any new or even dreary old moth eaten plastic trees. Then on to our Christmas lights testing, wherein most of us now just buy new ones due to the innumerable fire incidents this past consecutive years. Same goes for the Christmas lanterns, which for some reason has really blown up prices, hopefully this year they will be more forgiving.

Last but not least is the Nativity figurines which for most Catholics is more important than the trees and gifts.

Reminiscing the Past with Chacha

I was given by my sister’s that time was her fiancĂ©, now is her husband, a cute little puppy with a breed of a Labrador retriever. That was the only time we got a dog with a foreign breed. I named her Chacha, after the girl I saw in a television advertisement. My Chacha was so adorable and fun to eat greedily. When Chacha is a puppy, I was the one who bathe her and choose the foods she must eat in able to have a beautiful feature and strong immune system as well.- I did rely on what I’m seeing in the foreign movies.

As my Chacha grew bigger and better, I don’t have the strength anymore to do the stuffs I used to do with her. I can even handle her attitude. My brother takes charge and Chacha had a new master. I was a bit jealous but I know it’s better than no can control her. They played, they bond, they take a walk and they shared the love. Though I can’t be the same with Chacha, I still love her, it never changed. Two years have passed, and my sister delivered a healthy baby girl. We changed attention to the baby and though Chacha cannot utter the words I know she’d been jealous. Eventually, she got sick by torturing herself not to eat and infected by other diseases. I miss her naughtiness and playfulness. Her big lazy eyes, her long tail wiggles and my Chacha herself. No matter where you may be, you will always be loved and remembered.

Conquering the Clutter Especially In Small Spaces

Segregate and donate. Time to choose which things work well for you, because if you are living in a small space, either by choice, because you hate cleaning, or by financial fate, because you are just starting or restarting your life, you will need great restraint from over shopping, or over clinging to o’l stuff.

Small spaces can still be fashionable, beautiful and stylish. You can still keep things where they are supposed to be, hidden and kept out of the way, like those cleaning supplies that are an eye sore but we so need. A small space with everything just sprawled on top of a table, your sofa, or even the floor can really create a cluttered environment.

Keep things calm by making sure to simplify things and keep everything organized. The best way is either to give it away or selling them for cheap. So breath in because you will be needing a lot of discipline in letting go.

My Niece’ Coming Of Age in A Globalized World

My niece is going on a trip. She will be graduating soon and deserves it more than any one I know. This will be her first student travel, and she is doing it with her closest friends from college. She is very excited and really pumped up with so much college idealism but quite the level headed teenager I particularly admire.

I don’t think I would even allow the young me to do what my niece is about to do. She is far more capable of sticking to the itinerary without disparaging anything. I do hope she still drinks in the energy of all the places she will be going to. Their culture and their history.

My niece although the reliable one, tends to be constricting even to herself.

September 3, 2013

Home Decor Items

Home decor items are decorative accessories that adds vibrant and beauty in your home with various designs, styles and colors. An artwork with a stylish decorative ornament that will add splashes into your living room or elsewhere. They are very common to use in home or in office and can be available for gift items. It is categorize in different perspective to which you would like to place the decor. It consist of Lawn and garden decor, wind chimes, tabletop fountains, candles and holders, kitchen decor, bathroom decor, beautiful beast decor, western decor, nautical decor and even children toys decor.

Home decor items are unique gifts that will brighten and enlighten your home. It is more relaxing to see while it is being placed in your home. They are basically unique and affordable to all consumers who like decorative styles and designs. It is a unique decor that gives ambiance and satisfactions to the consumers.

September 1, 2013

Shara’s Musical Talent

In the world of music, the idea of fun and inspiration is very common. Singers are always in the lookout of new ways to improve their craft. In some cases, musicians practice everyday to attain perfection. Others learn to collect musical instruments and learn to use it in performing a musical piece. No wonder luna guitars baritone zebra ukulele at musician's friend became popular with both aspiring and experienced singers and musicians these days.

In our neighbourhood, we are known to have talented singers and musicians who have performed in other areas. One of them is my dear friend Shara. I remember that the name of our new dog is based on her nickname. Shara is the family’s favorite performer during musical events in town. She recently won in a singing competition for the benefits of less fortunate kids. Next month, she is scheduled to audition in a television show.

Clarivic and her Clarinet

My cousin Clarivic is a perfect example of a die-hard music lover. She was enrolled by her mother in a music school for years. She has known so many musical pieces and can sing all of them just like an experienced professional singer. She is also knowledgable with different kinds of musical instruments such as cello, trumpets, guitars, piano and violin. She also learned about cheap mitchell lurie clarinet reeds at wwbw after I told her about it.

Clarivic is recently preparing for a huge singing contest in town. It is selection process for a television show for aspiring singers. She asked her mother to register her for the event. She is already prepared for it. To prepare for the performance night, she sleeps early and follows her usual practice sessions with discipline and determination. Clarivic also asked us to cheer for her during the contest. All of us are so excited for the event.

The Dong Juan Experience

There’s this new mall in town called “Centrio” that’s owned by the Ayalas (one of the elite families in the Philippines) and the mall is quite classy. It caters to the class A and class B status members of the society. Centrio houses the most high-end restaurants in town, and that includes Dong Juan.

Dong Juan is a restaurant that serves the classics. When you try to check their menu, you can’t really find anything interesting or unique to “try” on. So when I went there with my friends, we really ordered the classic crispy pata and baby back ribs. However, my impression changed when I first tasted the baby back ribs. It was moist, tender and most importantly, flavourful—something that is expected when rating great food. And I was more convinced when I tried their crispy pata. It was then that I realized that their price is just worth the taste. No wonder the place is still crowded despite the quite pricey products because people would always pay for great food!

Our New Apartment and the Dogs

Earlier this week, we finished securing all our things from our old house. The new owners already made improvements in the house. We took our dogs from the old place after we have prepared their sleeping area in our new apartment. It seemed that they’re excited with our scheduled transfer. Before we left the city and move to a more peaceful place, they roamed around the area for the last time. On the other hand, I checked many online shopping websites and look for essentria ic3 for the pets.

Our two dogs love the new apartment. They kept on running around with the cat. They also sniffed around the backyard garden every afternoon. During lunch, they run to a nearby waiting shed and take a nap. We unleashed them for that purpose. After all, they’re trained to mingle with humans and other animals. It’s a refreshing thing for them. The two dogs also love the hiking trail in our new place.

My Things Were Transferred from the Metro to Our New Place

I am aware that important packaging supplies must not be taken for granted. One day, I was busy preparing for our transfer from one place to another. We have to sell our home and find a new one. I packed up my things two weeks before the shipment since I still have to prepare some important documents. The cargo company that we chose to ship our things offered for a 5-10 day shipment schedules.

Our new place is perfect for a new life. There is a backyard garden that wasn’t used by the original owner. The dogs loved it. They’re excited to play around, too. The apartment is near the supermarket and has nearby stores for convenience and accessibility. Our neighbors are kind and helpful. On our first day in the community, two neighbors gave us food and drinks. It was memorable. They also told us the location of many government offices.

August 23, 2013

I Miss the Single Life

I miss being single. Sometimes I wonder what my life has been if I didn’t marry early, will I achieve my dreams? What I miss from being single was being able to be free, no commitments, no family to worry about, you would only care about your career, your friends, dating. I miss the fun of meeting new people, meeting someone of the opposite sex and liking them. I miss the part of just having a boyfriend and all you do is just talk on the phone, go on a date, watch movies, just all the honeymoon stage feeling and when you’re tired of each other you can just move on and find a new one.

I was kind of envious about my single friends because they happened to achieve their wants and they are enjoying singlehood, they can just leave anytime they want, not like me who is now married and patiently enduring the low downs of marriage. My friends wanted me to go out and have fun but it’s not that simple because you have different responsibilities, far different from being single. Sometimes I hate that my friends can’t understand me, it’s hard for them to understand despite how many times I explain but I forgive them because you can’t expect everybody to put their shoes on the same shoes as mine. I know in time it’ll all get better, I just need patience.

Larry the Cucumber’s Expensive Tuba

As we were window shopping one afternoon just to unwind, we happen upon a music store. My son immediately ask permission if he can go have a look inside. We followed him wanting to be updated with his current interests.

He was still looking at same stuffs, guitars, drums, so we let him be. My husband went outside while I stayed to check out this ginormous musical instrument that cost a fortune. It was a cerveny 686 cbb tuba. I was curious because it was my first time to see one up close. I was glad my son never even bothered to look. I heaved a sigh of relief knowing that the closest we’d ever be to having a tuba in the house is watching Larry the Cucumber play it on Veggie Tales.

August 16, 2013

A Two and Half hour Reunion with my Friends

I was not allowed to go somewhere else by Carlo, my business partner in the computer shop we were running together, unless I’ll be dealing with matters accordance to the shop. That’s how strict he is.

I found a way to get out of our crib and go to the mall to meet my then boss. I was informed the night before the meeting that she would not be available the next day so she cancelled our appointment. But I still went to the mall and meet others anyways. I used my two and half our in the mall, chatting with what’s going on with our own lives. Bea, who has an adorable kid already and Diane, presently pregnant teases me to jump on to plan for my own family too. I just gave them a smile in return, knowing my marriage life has yet started but not blessed by the sacred Holy Spirit. I live with my business partner like my husband. And to prevent him knowing what my purpose of enjoying myself for a while, I made an alibi that I waited for my boss but she never came. Instead of going back home with nothing, I bought him a piece of stuff that he needs in the computer shop. My two and half hours reunion with my friends is still kept as a secret. Looking forward to meet the again in a much longer time and sneaking no more.

Do Your Designing Work Online

We now live in the era of technology. We are doing best using different kinds of technology. You can even make designs online. There are different cad library to help you to do designing work. Some of them are free. But some of them are not. The premium websites are usually better than the free sites. But if you are a newbie or you just want to do simple works then it is highly recommended that you take on some free sites.

Using internet, the cad work has become easier. You will not only have chance to use the cad software’s properties but also you can use the free library of cad work that will help you to compare your work with other designers. You will also find resources there. You can also use the service to do work for business. Some websites have services for their customer to hire designers online.

Pursuing A Business Minded Attitude

Today, finding job is already a “work” you may call to. The competition in the corporate world is getting fierce and stiffer and stiffer. I was one of the many people who kept of applying to different companies but hasn’t met the luck yet. That is why I decided to search a job on the internet. Luckily, I was accepted but another business idea is running in my mind. Home-made food business-yema balls on the go.

Why not give it a try, no one knows if it will be trending unless it was tried. You don’t need to be an expert in able to do these sweets. You may found the needed material just around your kitchen and the cost of the ingredients is not that hefty. Ingredients are 6 egg yolks, a can of condensed milk, white sugar and two table spoon of butter. Materials would be non-stick pan and wooden spoon. Just mix the egg yolks and the milk together, before putting in a low heat pan placed with butter. Stir continuously until the mixture thickens like a congee. Transfer it a container and let it dry for a moment. After 15 minutes, you can form a round shape out of it and wrap it in a colored paper, and it’s done. Simple and yet a good start for a business

Good Keyboard for Your Band

Keyboard is one of the supporting instruments of the music. It is a subtle in terns if music. You might not notice the music if you here it for the first time. But the thing is, this keyboard will support the entire composition. If you know anything about the music composition then you know that you will need an instrument that will link the sounds from various types of instrument in one single composition.

A keyboard will coordinate that for you, Boost the sound of a weak tone and it will make the sound of the strong material pleasant to the ears. So, better music of your band will gravely be dependant on the perfect keyboard. Keyboard could be costly and you shouldn’t buy one new before you are experienced. So buy used keyboard first. They sell exceptional used keyboards at musicians friend. You could take their service.

Are You Looking for an Awesome Guitar?

Guitars are the main part of modern concert. We can not imagine a show without a guitar. Guitar plays a lead role in the musical component. It is not that you can not do a concert without a real guitar. There are instruments and technologies to make up the lack of guitar. However, even now the demand of the guitar remains the same. Now a days rock musicians mostly use electric guitar. Some of them use acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar hasn’t lost its appeal even now. There goes the acoustic and electric guitars.

But some of the musicians thought, it would be very cool to make a guitar that will have the efficiency of an electric guitar with the fluid sound of an acoustic guitar. So they have made a hybrid of acoustic and electric guitar. Guitars like gibson songwriter deluxe will give you a the power of the electric guitar and you will have the beauty of the acoustic guitar.

I Would Rather Be….

I believe in after life. I am convinced that the reincarnations truly exist. My beliefs regarding this matter are mostly from the books and articles I have read in various sites. How about you? Is the rebirth cycle persuades you?

I respect other’s opinion if they are against my conviction, but my will would not be changed. If I would be given a chance to choose another life, I would rather be a butterfly in my next life. I just admire and adore the life cycle of the butterfly before they come to an end and fly their wings to the flower gardens. Starting with larvae, caterpillar and will eventually develop the wings that make every butterfly distinct from one another. To fly is one of the skills human can’t do without the support of flying materials and that is one of the things I want to do. If I would ask you now, what would you be like in your after life?

Quality Brochures for You

Brochure is the cheap and fast way of advertisement. No other medium of advertisement will work so fast and silently as the brochures. They will let people know about you and your matter of advertisement on the go. People walking, riding or flying on a plane will read the brochures. That is how your product is advertised in various levels.

There is no rule that the adverting should be only for business purposes. Brochures maybe used for nay kind of advertisements. Like, you can use it for a meting arrangement or letting people know about some football match. Whatever the reason is one thing you have to keep in mind. Your brochure must be attractive. You should print brochures from the trusted companies. And do not forget to be very specific. If you order them correctly. They will give you quality product. And, order small for first order.

Why Buy Gold?

People have been using gold as a medium for finance for over two millennia. It has been a great way of representing money since is rare and you can not easily make a duplicate of the gold. Even now, the gold is used in many kinds of industry and consumer users. The most shocking thing is, about ninety five percent of earth’s total gold is deposited in the vaults as gold bullion. But if you are looking for an answer about why people buy gold; that will take some explanations.

Gold have less liquidity than any other medium of finance. Its value almost never decreases and you can easily convert it to other wealth. If your capital is converted to gold then after a decade it will be increased. It will not decrease. That is how gold is still in the top of the list, when you talk about safe investment.

August 4, 2013

Flat Shoes with Skinny Jeans

Assuming that you have long legs and tight hips, graceful expression flats and skimmers are awesome for matching with skinny pants. Since they're not in any way massive, they won't emerge or point out an excessive amount of your feet, and they moreover assistance precede the lean outline made by the skinny pants.

Flats with pointy toes are additionally an exceptional choice, yet just if you're not reluctant about the measure of your feet. While the look is ultra-thinning, shoes with pointy toes can additionally make your feet look extremely long and they're not dependably the most agreeable decision either. Provided that you're not long and lean, blending flats with skinny pants just accentuates that certainty. It’s no news that shoes and shoes with wedge heels are every last trace of the fierceness this time of year, yet a considerable measure of the styles you see truly aren't work-suitable particularly depending on if you work in a sort of traditionalist office.

In any case, what I cherish about the aforementioned pretty sling back pumps is that they're master and chic, making them the completely impeccable wedges for work. A different extraordinary thing about the aforementioned shoes is that they go in burdens of fundamental colors, so there's truly something that will fit in with any lady's wardrobe.

August 3, 2013

An Unappreciated Gift of Technology

My officemate just bought exceptional audio-technica headphones as his birthday present for his brother. He says that he would have bought any other brand but the model that he bough just got good reviews that it was almost a no-brainer to decide on it. His brother, however, a low tech kind of guy, could barely tell the difference between the headphones he used to have and the new ones that he got.

That just shows how different these boys are. While my officemate rides on the tide of new technologies and even follows tech bloggers on twitter and his RSS feed, his brother simple does not care about the brand of mobile phone he has nor the model. The last I heard was that he still owns the phone their parents got him for his high school graduation gift and mind you, he’s already 2 years removed from college.

July 26, 2013

The Most Famous Painting in the World

When I visited Paris for the very first time some years ago, the number one list in my destination is of course, The Louvre. This is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done in my life. I was always hesitant to go sight-seeing or even visit museums because I had this guilty feeling of doing something mundane. I thought that looking at paintings were a waste of time. At least that was what I felt when I go to local art exhibits.

But for the very first time in my life, I was in awe with many of the paintings I saw in The Louvre. No wonder millions of people visit it every year. The tour guide told us that nearly 10 million people from all over the world come to The Louvre for the common purpose of seeing the most famous painting in our life time. I asked what that painting was. And the answer was: Mona Lisa.

July 24, 2013

The Colors of Dusk

Has anyone ever wondered why birds make all the noises in the afternoon just before sunset? I was always observing this behavior from the birds that flock around my neighborhood and I was really fascinated with all the sounds they make. One thing I always wondered was the way they make more noises at dusk. They flock in clusters and sing to each other. But as I observed their merriment, I was also quite fascinated with the color of the dusk that was quickly passing by.

Like an epiphany, it struck me. I think these birds were rejoicing at the fading colors of the day and the quick change of the skies from light to dark. It might also be their way of praising the beautiful scenery. I think they understand and appreciate the beauty of nature better than people do. I was just so happy at this thought of seemingly understanding a bird’s eye view.

July 21, 2013

Having Lunch with My Mother Like Gilmore Girls

One sunny day, when I went to my hometown, I decided to take lunch outside. I take my mother with me to enjoy a new cuisine at the new restaurant in the city. The distance to the restaurant is not that far, so we walked there. After queuing for a while, the waitress got me and my mother a seat at the front, facing the street with a glass wall between us.

I ordered a chicken salad and my mother order a hamburger. We catch up on each other’s activity. I talk about my work and my mother talk about the family. And then, there is a familiar feeling like I have seen this kind of scene before. Mother and daughter having lunch at a local restaurant, then I smiled. I watch all the season of Gilmore Girls. I like the relationship between Rory and her mother. I have the same close relationship to with my mother. And I am glad that I have one more experience to treasure within my heart.

July 14, 2013

Getting Out at the Wrong Floor

A couple of months ago I got this new job at a big building. My office is at the ninth floor. So one day like always, I got on the building elevator. I notice there is a LCD screen inside the elevator that displays an interesting topic on technology. So I watched the short movie without notice that the elevator is going up. A couple of seconds later, there are two people going inside the elevator and I distracted for a while and notice that the elevator is still at the third floor, so I continue to watch the interesting movie.

After the movie ended, the elevator door was opened. I got out automatically and the elevator door closed up behind me. Then, I realize that I got the wrong floor. I got out at the eleventh floor. I smile to myself and shake my head. I push the down button at the elevator and wait for the next elevator to came up and pick me up.

July 7, 2013

The Day I Got My Doll Prize from Time Zones

A decade ago, there is new entertainment zones called Time Zones opened in my city. The first week at the zones is really crowded. But of course, I decide to try out the new entertainment store. My brother and sister are already there trying out new game. The store itself is really wide and has about more than 20 games. Most of them are video games. I don’t like playing video games, so I decided to play something else instead. I notice the ball wheel game at the corner of the store. All you got to do is throw a ball through a six meters board. At the end of the board there are numbers with a hole below like one, two, three, five, plus one, minus one, etc that will make wheel spinning at the exact amount the ball got to one of the holes.

If I got the monkey to get at the top of the wheel three times in a row, than I hit the jackpot and can have a lot of coupons that can be substitute with a gift. I don’t have any experience before, but maybe Lady Luck stayed at my side, because of all the 20 times I tried, I got 15 of them hit the jackpot. And at the end I got myself an expensive doll to bring home. I became a spectacle because so many audiences watched me play. But the same thing didn’t happen the next day, so I guess it is a once in a lifetime experience thing.

July 1, 2013

The Jealous Side of Me

Though I am proud of being who I am I cannot stop thinking what ifs about myself. Seeing my cousin’s photo that lives in the London since she was a little make me feel a little envy.

She have this, she have that. She looked like this, I am far not. I just kept comparing myself to her, and it’s me, who hurts deep inside at the end. I don’t hate her for what she have, nor I don’t hate my parents for not providing me the things I saw she encompass. I only want to feel the same way with her. She looked matured enough and handles things precisely, but still pretty. She got a job and killer dresses and shoes I want to try put on. Maybe it’s also because she grew up in a different environment. She acquired the influence her nation. Her life at the other side of the world seems a movie for me. - peers, jobs at the young age, and happiness. I adore my cousin so much. I‘m looking forward to have her used dress and shoes when she visits here in the Philippines again. And hear more of her stories.

June 30, 2013

How Many Days Are Summer?

Calendars form part and parcel of our home decors. Even houses with expensive wall paneling and wall papers sports a simple calendar or an exquisite one on the wall. Calendar are also part and parcel of our children’s school education’s curriculum alongside time and money. One of the things that got more views in one day is the calendar; on walls and on desktops, bookcases and even mantel tops. Calendars are consulted even by the high and mighty kings and leaders.

The start of the school year during parents’ meetings school calendar of activities are already discussed to ready parents for the children’s programs of activities. All through-out the school year part by part school calendars are being posted in home-school communication’s notes, sheets or journals whatever your kid’s school uses. This is how I know Giou’s school activities because every day he’s just loaded into the school bus for school. Home by the end of the day what he has in his clutch is his communications notes. Pasted on the pages are school notices and announcements. I am very thankful for this tool because Giou has no way of remembering communications for him to relay. Giou, my angel has mild Attention Disorder. His heart would go Chug, Chug whenever an older person especially one he perceived as an authority talks to him. School Calendar of activities are ticked by my angel on his very own, very huge calendar prominently displayed near the refrigerator so I will see it every time I open the refrigerator and that’s too many times a day. Now that summer vacation are near, hismade to order special summer calendar is being readied. And the perennial question that he started to ask when he was able to tell dates and days “How many days are summer?” once again rings every time he is reminded summer is near.

June 28, 2013

Love to be Loved

Whenever I think of him, I can’t help but to smile. It might be the result of having this strange feeling towards him. Admiration, thankfulness, good motivator, a helping-hand and a loving person- this is him to me.

Each time I remember every single thing he changed in me through better, gives me the feeling that I was so blessed that I met him. I'm secured when I'm with him. I just really liked what I'm feeling. This feels so right, yet so wrong. The man whom I used to be my mentor was owned by another person already. I have been falling for a committed man. He feels the same way for me too. We both know that having an attachment would lead us into crucial situation but my heart is so weak to let him go. We continued our affair and his wife knew it eventually. I was the reason why they put an end to their marriage. I don't know what to feel the time I heard the news. Should I be sorry or should I be celebrating for his freedom?. The weight and responsibility of bringing home the bacon is now my duty. We are still together and striving hard to pass through every challenge we meet our way. The love that binds us as one will be our key to have the stable life we always dream on.

June 20, 2013

Stuck to my Father's Choice of Music

Making fun by others don't make me changed my mind to copy what genre of music they like. I love the classic songs from the 80's which I often heard from my father’s choice of music. I loved it because of the sincerity of the words, the way it was delivered and the soothing sounds they produces. Listening to their arts for me is like flowing energy through my entire body. I may be exaggerated, but for real, I am deeply in love with the 80's music.

It was also the genre of the true artist for me. Tyler's voice is amazing, Bon Jovi is charismatic and I melt in every song he performs. Bolton's distinct voice makes me cry, because I can’t copy his voice quality. I do still appreciate the modern songs. What it turns me off is the dirty language they incorporate in a song. Novelty songs can spread easily and children are one of those who catch the wordings instantly without knowing what each word meant. If there would be a concert starring the 80's stars, I would probably do my way to have a ticket and watch it live and wear my everlasting smile.

June 14, 2013

He Now Calls My Name

Just an hour ago, I was with someone I thought would treat me as a stranger. I predicted that he will just observe me as well as my moves. I see him smiles and sometimes we got eye to eye contact. Afraid for him to notice me looking, I round my sight each time.

For the whole three hours since they arrive, I didn't have the chance to talk to him, even to offer him a drink. My concern is he might reject me and be embarrassed at the end. Until he was about to take his by his dad, and I was on the way, he formed a post supposedly to punch me, but changed it with a smile again. I took it as a pure joke from him and I use that moment to be my opening. After several minutes have passed, he called my name. "Kaye, assist me please...” I was shocked to know that he knows my name and the fact that he takes the initiative for us to talk. I'm flattered, especially when he asked me to stay by side for a moment and offered my his snacks. Remembering our first encounter, I know he I was jealous with me but now, I think I can be a friend to him. My Carlo's little boy finally calls me by my name.

June 8, 2013

The Science in Every Drop of Coffee

In general, people tend to have a cup of coffee before starting their day but have you ever tasted or heard the goodness of Organo Gold Coffee? Like any other coffee, this brewed beverage with a unique aroma and taste, boosts and activates ones energy characterized by its caffeine.

The roasted seed drink under the Organo Gold Company is a product where enhancing health is their main priority. Ganoderma is a kind of mushroom used in promoting good health in traditional Chinese medicine. Making a stronger stamina and protecting immune system are few of the many benefits offered by Ganoderma. To spread the knowledge about the Ganoderma is a mission for this institution; for they believe that it should be in the hands of everyone. Black Coffee, Gourmet Café Mocha, Gourmet Latte, King of Coffee, Gourmet Royal Brewed and Gourmet Coffee supreme are the different flavors of coffees they are offering.

June 3, 2013

Discipline in Earning Pays

I never practiced to be thrifty when it comes to money matter. I may not send it all at once but the minute I turn a bill in a smaller value, it is now the signal to start my bad habit of spending it continuously. I wanted to control this action so I made a resolution and started to do it January 2011.

I required myself to save 40 each day and I must not pass a single day not depositing to my “bank “at home- my mom. She was the one who kept the daily record and my money in a safety place. When instances like I was about to forget doing my duty, mom insisted me to make a way. I loved the hand bag I saw in the boutique near our street but cannot avail it at that very moment because I was short. It was December last year when I can finally have my earned money. I was in joy when my mom hand me a total of 14,400 pesos, not including yet the Christmas bonus for me. As soon as she hand me the money, I ran fast heading to the boutique to see if the bag is still there. As I got home, I was holding two hand bags- one for me and the other for my mom. I got the bags for sale and still left a huge amount in my savings. I would definitely continue this act, it’s worth it.

May 28, 2013

How I End up Rejecting Those Times

In the year 2005, 2nd day of September, I hated the world for a while. Without prior notice, HE has taken my brother away from our family. Words can’t be used to describe how hefty each one of us felt about the incident. We were all stuck in a moment, we were all in pain.

I and my brother are the typical type of siblings. Some arguments rises, sometimes we get along. We were never open to each other, never expresses the love verbally but we know there is. I wished so many times that life could be played also as a movie, can be changed, can have flashbacks and can have a happy ending story. Life is a reality I must face. He is gone and will never be back home. I cursed the people who end his life, I hated every fraternity. I had an ultimate wish but I know to myself that I t would never ever be happened. I cannot do anything to turn back time and stop him for joining frat. It was too late for me to realize that I should cherish every single moment I have with loved ones. I must show them how I intensely care for them. I love to be with him even for a short time and feel his arms wrapped around me, even just in my dream…

May 22, 2013

Why Change if Its Okay?

In our country, most women dream to have a fairer white complexion just like the skins of the Caucasians. The natural Filipina complexion is not highly appreciated by many. Me myself is an example who wants to change my skin color, but eventually realized how gorgeous color of skin I have.

I'm not white, I'm not black, and my skin stays just in the middle. My healthy tan color is in fact the goal and dream of other nationalities mostly in the European country. I must be proud of what I have. Being white does not literally mean clean, same as black, doesn't mean unpleasant. The cleanliness is not measured through the different colors we have, but how to present you in total.

May 16, 2013

I’m Hating the Haters

Almost all of the people creates and uses various social media account in their daily basis. To post their everyday achievements in their respective wall never minds me at all. I do have friends who do the same action. It sometimes annoying to read post with none sense at all, But what could I do. I'm just a reader and I respect each and everyone's opinion. What bothers me now is the fact that there are groups of people who points out these behaviors.

Okay, as I said, I cannot control anyone's opinion but the fact that they want to be connected and have an attachment makes me annoy more. If that people can take the habits of the post-lover, then why waste time talking craps about them? Why can they live them alone and mind their own business, In fact, it won’t do good for them. I don't really want to be the person I am talking to, I just want to express freely what I feel towards them. I just want to have everybody's freedom.

May 11, 2013

Strapless : Warm and Cool Outfit

An ideal strapless costume could make people look merely stunning for a conventional celebration or maybe evening meal. This demonstrates your, collarbone, shoulder blades in addition to upper body within a typical, womanly means. To find the appropriate nighttimes or maybe conventional costume for you, concentrate on several key points to ensure you will if Cool ladies clothes can now possibly be purchased with retailers with very reasonable selling prices. This kind of specially is applicable exactly where retail stores provide outfits on the discounted. That may be so that you can protect people excited about buying the particular clothes factors. Inquiring the traditional selling price in this particular charged financial establishing will simply motivate people for you to bashful far from buying clothes factors they will accomplish with no.

You can find folks who suffer from a lot of money to pay concerning fresh wardrobes almost every style time. On the other hand, for most, this is not probable. Some other responsibilities in addition to needs need to be attained earlier than wasting a lot of money concerning fresh outfits as the preceding variants continue to be upright and have no longer fatigued. It doesn't mean that they will never wish to seem trendy. As a result, many possess visualize gradual suggestions that includes aided these to remain pertinent in addition to well-liked inside a entire world by which trendy ladies clothes alterations frequently.

May 9, 2013

The Scents Sent by Scentsy Canada

This product is a ceramic clay-based warmer, attractive devices developed to liquefy the clean wax candlestick lighting by making use of the warm range of a powered light directly below the dish, instead of the traditional start fire. Scentsy is a flameless and smoke free, amazing perfume finish product.

You can take fulfillment in the awesome and several fragrance from the 80 exclusive nerve treats to choose out from. This home inclusion is so simple to deal with. Positioning some bars at the dish and turn it on is all you have to do.-make sure you have plug it first. It could be a fantastic gift to talk about with your associates, or a fantastic organization to get began with. At the same time, creating one is a pleasurable activity to do. There are lots of Scensty organization readily available online and organization project to discover from. Experience each and every awesome perfume that will set your environment effectively.

May 3, 2013

You’re Simply the Best and Irresistible

Nothing beats the cold and refreshing taste of the beverages that suits to be a perfect partner for every food. Coca-Cola is still the number one drink in the country as for my opinion, I don’t know, It might be internationally as well.

When I’m going to eat some chips, a glass of cola filled with crushed ice will make my snack at its best. Words are not enough to describe the sensation brought by this energizing drink. Actually, Coca-Cola is universal partner of every food. It just makes the meal perfectly digested. This carbonated product is safe to take my kids and they even enjoyed it too. Elderlies who have high sugar can also take it because there are varieties of Cola produced- light, diet, regular and zero sugar. Coke is not the only carbonated drinks that loved my mob, there are various to choose from but still, my black soda is the leading brand of all. What’s yours?

Bigger Sizes Wedding Gowns

You'll need to uncover a dress that is best for your figure. An a-line shape is complimenting to most importantly curvier figures, as it can skim over hips. A v-neckline on a curvaceous woman can incorporate a marvellous separating line. Avoid full ball outfit evades as they can add to a for the most part vocalizing roundness. I was able to additionally administer a key separation from tea-length equips, as they have a tendency to make women look progressively concise and upper foot district-gigantic. Finding dress could be a perplexing connection for any full-figured woman, so it discerns that the prospect of searching for a greater-size wedding dress is an overpowering one.

So why stress? Your Perfect Style Full figured? You can in any case slip into an amazing wedding dress. With the hefty size wedding dresses don't get a wedding outfit that might be a size progressively little for the explanation for why that you're embarking to starve yourself months onto your wedding day. ? Wedding Curves keeps tabs on giving hefty measure ladies the best encounter plausible while getting ready for their ideal wedding day. The most pervasive coloration may be white-busted, notwithstanding gold depicting. It's not really unheard of concerning baptismal outfits for you to acknowledge precise adornment for the cross getting average within presumably gold and even metallic. Having the capacity to show off delightfulness and style in just the right way is something that each lady needs to have the capacity to do superbly as a larger size spouse.

April 27, 2013

When the Innovative System Strikes

If boredom tends to be your best company in your house, end it right in an instance because new business ideas online are parading the web for you to take a chance to work on them. As the modern time approach rapidly in our system, to go with the flow is a prerequisite. Business is not just meant for the business person but also opens for all individual who has the drive to earn some cash.

Many have tried it already and the success is not that hard to reach. Mainly, these kind of growing business industries today are pretty booming and trending as well. Good thing about having a business online is you handle your own time. You can be somebody's employee or simply be the boss.

April 24, 2013

Cartoons are for All Ages

During my childhood years, I considered cartoons are meant for kids only. I thought it is a simple way of convey their attention rather than playing outdoor activities without a proper guidance of the one responsible. What is in my mind is children will mostly be the benefactors and will appreciate the shallow funny acts cartoon shows expose. I think I made a wrong judgment. Cartoon is for everyone.

Cartoon itself has a main objective that is why it is watched and loved by kids- to entertain its every viewer. You may think that my interpretation to cartoons and anime has mix. To distinguish the difference between the two, anime is more stylized with common character designs and facial structures, detailed backgrounds, and a plot; while cartoons tend to be made to appeal to little kids by making the characters look deformed and having no point to the story. I am straight talking about cartoons and there are still numbers of matured people who enjoys the entertainment cartoon shows deliver. As I asked a cartoon patronage, watching couples of episodes of cartoon lower his stress level plus it serves as a bonding moment with his nephew.

April 21, 2013

Saving a Little Time to Lessen my Sins

I don’t know how many Sunday masses I have not attended so far. I even can’t remember when was the last time I talked to God, praise Him, thank Him and most especially, have his forgiveness for all the sins I committed. I did not become an anti-Christ; I'm still asking myself why.

As a Roman Catholic member, I put my Lord at the center before my family. My trust for Him never fails, but I admit that sometimes, I question Him for the things happened unfavorably for me. I am unfair. At that point it just shows that I care only for myself. I know God's heart is forgiving and he understands the reasons why my devotion for him is not fully given. I don't think He knows how to have grudge. I won’t promise, but start to change thing the way it should be. I will learn to divide my time in worthwhile things and mostly, offer myself and a prayer for Him even just for a while. Loving God leads everybody to love one another.

April 15, 2013

Hunting For a Father’s Love

To all of you people that still have their father, be glad, be proud, and feel blessed that you have your dad physically. Be thankful that your dads exist when you commit some mistakes, when you need a defender, and most especially when you have the time to spend with each other. Because me, I lost my father when i was still very young, I did not have the chance to know him well, did not have the chance to bond with him, I don't even remember his voice. Lucky for you guys that you will be spending your next many years with your dads. So again to all of you, who still have their dads; please inform them every minute of the day that you treasure each moment you were together. Let them hear you say how much you appreciate and love them.

April 13, 2013

A Devastated Crime Story 15 Years Ago

I was assigned to do a research paper by a customer, giving the name of Kip Kinkel as my main subject. As I was starting to browse different sites about him, I was shocked to know about the story behind Kinkel’s story.

He has a criminal record of murdering his own parents at the young age of 15.He was interested to different fire-arm as well as explosives at his early age. As I remember, his reason for killing his parents is to put them out of embarrassment due to the suspension he got after handling guns inside their university premises. Reading those facts makes my eye quite teary. Not contented, he drive straight to the university after the killing incident at Kinkel’s residence. He fired several time in the school cafeteria and killed in scene two other students. Though this incident happened 15 years ago, people who involved here will remain the bitter story of Kinkel murder. He was sentenced to be in jail for 111 years. I bet he would not complete the total years of punishment, for he won’t lie that long.

April 8, 2013

Sharing A Pair of Earrings

I am not a material woman who seeks expensive jewelries from my partner. I am not even fond of wearing them. I just recall the story of the lovers who shared a pair of earrings instead of having a ring in their fingers.

Paulo and Carryn are the people to this story. Neither of them belongs to a wealthy family. Unlike the rich guys who send flowers and different gifts for their girls, Paulo adds more a little each day his love and devotion for Carryn. It’s a good match that Carryn never asks for anything from Paulo but to be together all the time. Funny it may seem, how this lady though of an idea to share her earrings with the lad and make it as their partner symbol. Not bad, what they were earning for is not for some expensive gifts for each other but the guaranteed future they will face in next few years. I just admire their sweetness. Nothing beats an understanding and open communication relationship.

April 4, 2013

Loving my Favorite Color Yellow Way

There are hundreds of invented colors as of this very moment. Some may catch your eye and some may not. You personally have your own choice of color. I do have mine and it yellow.

I learned to love the sweet yellow color back when I’m in college. I think yellow represents my attitude as jealous type; it also shows the intellect of a person, signs of cheerfulness and being optimistic. When I was a child I had a lot of colors to be considered as my personal choice, But the Yellow color remains in my list. Some people don’t appreciate what I see in this color. I cannot defend it because I know that I won’t persuade them after all. What I know for real is I will be in love and the yellow color will comfort me and give me ease.

March 29, 2013

Your All is Not Enough

When it comes to love, no one can resist doing anything for their special someone. That is the power of love.

I have known a guy named Noni. He is a gay and has a lover named Billie. The two of them shared houses and they were accepted in their respective families. For quite some months, Noni played to be a role of a housewife. He never complains, he just loves to serve the young lad all he desires. His work is a Feng Sui expert, -having clients nationwide and even outside the country. There were times that he even cancels an appointment to meet his client just to be with Billie’s side. Indeed it’s sweet, but the bitter side of the story is, the lad doesn’t take Noni’s devotion seriously. He was just pretending to use Noni’s feeling. Though Noni tries to do everything he can, the incompleteness of being not a lady will never ever be enough for his lover.