November 5, 2013

I Have Lived A Thousand Characters

I am a book lover. And book lover often dream and imagine characters from the books. If I can tell the truth, I have lived a thousand characters in my imaginary world. As a book lover, I often find myself dreaming becoming the main lead heroine and save the day. Well, who doesn’t want to be their own hero or heroine. I know that my imaginary stops at my imagination, reality are reality. But sometimes great inventions come first as a figment of imaginary things.

I can create my own world and fill it with creatures from my imagination. I guess that is how such great writer comes up with ideas for their books. I always love great details to the city or landscape in the books and the characters. Creating one imaginary world is not an easy task, the audience and reader has to be really sucks into the world so they wish they never leave that world. I wonder if virtual reality is going to become the real things in the future.

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