November 27, 2013

Aiming for Excellence!

Every year, everyone is aiming for excellence in their own little ways. As for me, I aim for excellence by doing my job as honestly as I can without doing favours or taking sides. Even though I am an employee of a private corporation, it is my duty as a Certified Public Accountant to prepare financial reports that is fairly presented, without bias, neither to the company nor to the government. That is my daily aim for the past year for every working day that passes by.

Last week was our appraisal period and it is my second time to be rated. Although this year would be my first year in taking part of the appraisal process. At first I was doubtful because really didn’t know if I'm doing anything right with my appraisal form. But then, I was surprised when my boss never really changed a material percentage on my grade. I got an A grade with a score of 97.09% and I am one lucky girl. For me it was a successful year and I promise to strive more with my work.

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