November 21, 2013

If I Lived On A Deserted Island

I saw a movie titled “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks decades ago. In the movie, the main actor is trapped in a deserted island with nowhere to go and has to survive. I can’t imagine myself being in that situation. If I was in a deserted island, I believe I cannot survive. I know that human can exceed their stamina and brain in sticky situation. But I cannot imagine myself in an island where there is no electricity.

Just half a day of power down in my city can cause really inconvenience live. People like to connect with other people and without electricity that cannot happen. I can’t play games, wash the clothes, cook the rice, and more. Every single daily life activities nowadays is requiring electricity. So, if I happen to stuck in a deserted island, I don’t know if I can survive. But, one thing for sure, I cannot survive the inconvenience of the lack electricity.

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