February 24, 2014

The mind of 1 year old

My cousin’s daughter was having a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. She was distracted by many people who came and surrounding her. I don’t know what is in her mind at the time, but sometime I see her look scared. I guess, she doesn’t like to be the center of attention. She just looks uncomfortable. Since, she can’t speak yet, she only frown and make some noises.

Poor her. I wish I can understand what she want. It is a pain to see any baby crying because he or she got sick. The baby can’t talk and we as adults have to guess what’s wrong with the baby. Thankfully, my cousin’s daughter is only sick for once during this one year. And I saw her get sick. She stays quiet and moody all the time. She just wants to get hugged. She doesn’t say a lot but I know that she is tired during the day.

Finding The Right Fit

I just recently acquired a schecter diamond series guitar. It was everything I could wish for in a guitar. It has great looks and sound. Since I have an extra guitar case in my apartment, I thought that I could use it for the Schecter. At first it seemed to be great, but after a while, I realized that it did not have a good fit.

Whenever I brought my guitar somewhere, it would jiggle inside, and I was afraid that it could get scratched or worse. After saving for 2 weeks, I was finally able to get the guitar case specifically made for the diamond series. It fit like a glove and using it, the awful jiggle I heard disappeared. I should have done this the first time.

Seeking for the Perfect Words

Love is a temporary insanity that erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it moderates, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, and it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are.

Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when the entire pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two.

New Dog Finds Her Place

My dad brought a new dog in our home last New Year. Her name was Candice and she is a Chihuahua. Candice is very cute and adorable, but she was not always silent and well-behaved like other dogs. In fact, when she first arrived, she kept on barking, barking, and barking to no end. We tried to ignore it because it was New Year, but as days progressed she got worse.

We could not sleep because of her, and she was getting on our nerves. We had to find a bark collar so she would stop all the yapping. After a couple of hours, she finally did. We all had a nice sleep that night. Soon, Candice finally settled and found her place in our family.

Getting Mad at You Won’t Make Me Pretty

Finally, I have come to an end to hate her. My envious and insecure attitude surrenders and realized that firing up a strong tension towards her won’t make me any good at all. Just let things be.

I started to get annoyed to this person since I heard her name over and over again- with positive attributes. I could not accept the fact that she has the face everyone believes in that she is attractive. It might be the hatred in me that is why I could not see it. Insecure, I am: Jealous, possible. As I think maturely about the situation I’m dealing with, I end up to the point that I will gain nothing if my feelings for her never stop. I decided to swallow every pride I have and learned to let go of the issue. I will live my life with free spirit. Instead of giving others an attention, I would rather make my time productive and worthwhile.

Saved By The Charger

My family and I have been planning to visit Singapore for the longest time. We were finally able to visit several months ago, and I can say that we had a blast. Several weeks before the trip, we organized everything that we needed, from the passport, clothing that we had to wear, and even the camera we had to bring. After all, we needed pictures or it didn’t happen as they always say.

The problem was our camera charger mysteriously disappeared. We did not know where we placed it, and days of looking for it proved to be futile. We knew that we had to buy another nikon d80 battery charger, or all is lost. Our new one arrived several days before our trip, and we were able to record everything in pictures.

A Gem To Impress

My best friend Jason wanted to impress this girl in their school. He first tried giving her flowers, but soon discovered that the girl is allergic to them, so he got the flowers back. Next, he tried baking lasagna for her. I tasted it and it was good, but the problem was the girl is vegetarian and did not eat meat, even lasagna.

Jason was really feeling depressed because he could not impress the girl, and it seemed that everything he did backfired. As last resort, he bought gemstone rings from Reeds.com and gave it to the girl. She liked it! Apparently the said girl was addicted to any kind of jewelry. That was several months ago, and they are dating exclusively now.

February 19, 2014

Playing DOTA is Not Bad All

When I’m just hearing things about the computer game DOTA, my initial notion for this game is brutal, and money- wasted game, wrecking students’ education and non-sense. I ate all my words. I did truly not know what this game all about was.

I had an argument with a DOTA player and he then explained me that it was not just a killing-your-opponent game. This was meant to play with logic and analytically skills. I was shocked when he convinced me that this game needs a thorough mind in able to win the battle. He also included that there has been an international competition going for DOTA players. I was taught to play a game, I did understand how the game was played but cannot apply it during the actual game. I now belonged to the group of people who defends the players of the Defense of the Ancients. It was quite an addictive game, but it has no fault if the students flunk at their school, it is the students fault and is blamed because they can't control their self in playing computer games.

Don’t lose your way with your performances

My cousin Albert has always been a perfectionist in terms of musical instruments and a simple guitar just won’t cut it, it needs to be the best guitar he can feel in his hands, with the best accords, a great sound, very loud, very profound, something you won’t find in any place.

Indeed, he was able to find it, and it was a seydel solist pro 12, which was curious, because he loved guitars, but yet he loved this solist, which has nothing to do with it. Now that he found this new love with a completely different instrument he could tell that music isn’t just trends and noise, a solist requests an incredible skill to play.

A Girl Unfamiliar to Chocolate

It is quite fun to hear my friend's story about not knowing how a chocolate taste. Yes, she never even tasted one. I kept on thinking how could she not eat even a bit of sweet luxurious delight everybody used to love?

Then I found out, she was allergic to the chocolate content. She never dared to taste it, afraid of what could her body's reaction would be. She, until now never knew how a chocolate taste. If she only knew how this sweet stuff brings so much joy to the children face whenever they have a chocolate bar, I bet she’ll find one and eat it mouthful. I am confused about what to feel for her. Should there be a place to pity her or should I be amaze for having her incapacity of taking Choco foods. This was not like a sacrifice for her cause she knew what her body will be dealing with if she ever crosses the line and bend the rules. I definitely cannot do what she can. I won’t give up my chocolate fever, even if it will cause me sick.

A plentiful of handbags, regardless of your personal choice

My mother one of these days in one of her regular hobbies, on looking for something out of common found this website on handbags, I found it very peculiar indeed, there where handbags for everything, in several colors, like pink, yellow, red, orange and with the most unusual drawings, like animals, landscapes, more than handbags they’ve amazed me because it looked like masterpieces, not like handbags.

If you’re one of those people that value your aesthetics in everything you do in your life, even with a simple handbag, this is the solution for you, the arts are crazy and you won't lose functionality, such a great surprise with something so simple as a common handbag.

My Niece Love for Her Supportive Auntie

Ever since my Julien came in our life, the family's attention was centered to her. Being the very first granddaughter and first niece, she has all in her cute cuddly way.

I admit that I sometimes tolerate her in her actions. I give what I know she'll love most, I'll do whatever she asks to, and even help her sneak some foods her mother prohibits her to take to. I just love her so much that is why I acted that way. At the age of 23, I cannot have a Julien of my own. It is required to find someone first to be the father of my children. As of the present time, Julien is now a three year old talkative kid. I get a hug from her every time we see each other. I want her to be her best-friend and have a stronger bond connection through the times.

Boast your sound really loud and clear

My brother Joe always had that think for the drums, maybe an influence of Joey Jordison with a lot of pedaling, but that also has costs, this wears down the drum and creates the necessity to have the best quality possible, something my brother was able to find with remo renaissance timpani heads.

These drums really released such a warm sound with a large scale projection over the garage, the consistency was off the charts and the tonality was everything he could asked for, I’ve never seen him so happy to create such a profound sound, it was indeed the best investment he could make, no more lousy drums that wear down easily.

The essence and style of an unusual guitar

I always had the passion for the unusual; the out of the regular standards and that applies also to music, regular guitars never satisfied me 100%, I always needed something extra, the performance, the sound, the vibrations and why not the energy transmitted by something that makes the crowd think “wow, what’s that?”.

This was only able to be provided by a Dean Bass, it’s not your regular guitar, you need to have good control over it, but once you’ve mastered it, it will give you the performance of your life, the acoustic from it is off the charts, don’t miss this opportunity to play a masterpiece, indeed it is very worth it.

A reliable brand to make musicians reliable

My friend John always wanted a brand that would be reliable in terms of music materials, and we found that with the brand akai, it supplied him with everything he needed, since tuned keyboards, electric materials like amps, even electric guitars and the best of all, at a very very accessible price.

Now you might be thinking that nice prices may be a sign of bad quality but in fact that’s not the case, it’s a very reliable brand with high quality materials, you won’t be disappointed, trust my friend John, he was also a skeptic, but now after some years of using these materials he doesn’t trade them for any other brands.

Need to secure your instrument? Look no further

My sister Casey always had problems with her music, not in terms of quality, she’s a terrific artist, but she plays a very unusual instrument, the tuba, let us say that is not the most popular, but as an instrument there are some special measures to take, especially in keeping it safe, but there’s a problem, the typical tuba case is very expensive.

I had to figure something out and fortunately I was able to find these very affordable tuba cases, now Casey thanks me and is able to protect her instrument, if your are thinking that affordable is synonym of low quality think again, these cases are durable and very resistant.

A dream finally accomplished after so many years

I’ve always had a huge dream in my youth days, which was playing the electric guitar, unfortunately I was never able to accomplish it because my folks never allowed me to have such a noisy instrument in the house, so I had to play a regular guitar, which is not good enough for a rock lover like me.

After some years I finally had all the conditions to realize my dream so I decided to follow an advice of a friend of mine and invested in a hohner 455 echo celeste tremolo harmonica key of c at guitar center

Get the best possible vises to assist in your work

My friend Steven and I work with wood and metal and one thing that we always need to get the best security possible with the electrical devices is a good support given by the vises, especially for milling or grinding. A bad vise might be cause for injuries and hazards, so always keep in mind that a good vise must give a good grip on the machines.

We found this with reidsupply, they indeed give the best quality possible in the market, the machines won’t get loose and gives us all the security we need with machines with a high difficulty level of handling, we couldn’t be more happy than we are now.

February 16, 2014

Very Easy way to tune the guitar strings

Since my childhood, I was very fond instrumental music, and I only got a chance to learn guitar when I was in my mid 30s. In the initial days I had faced problems tuning the strings and at times I used to struggle to tune the strings correctly. One of my musician friends suggested me to use a snark and he mentioned that I would be able tune any string without giving much stress to my ears.

Soon I got one, and I found it to be really useful. Firstly, I really like the small cute display with a digital equalizer of red bars moving from left to right when I pluck the string correctly, a blue bar appears on the screen which means the string is accurately tuned. I find it quite useful since I live amid a noisy neighbourhood and it is particularly very useful since it senses the vibration of the instrument and tunes up accurately in just a couple of minutes. I find it very nice and useful gadget for me and it can tune any instrument, which has strings on it like guitar or cello.

February 14, 2014

Tea Is More Potent Than Coffee

I thought tea drinkers were missing out on a lot because of the movies. Whenever they want to calm people down they give them tea not coffee. Such false promotion should be scrapped out, tea even chamomile sends my heart rate up.

Maybe because I was not really a tea drinker, but tea just keeps me awake and hyper. Some leaves even burns up a couple of calories making it a healthier alternative to coffee. But then personally coffee curbs my appetite. I used it to keep me from overeating and sadly yes I used it to eat nothing at all. Which is not recommended.

I do love my coffee in the mornings of course. I still prefer it over tea anytime. The bitter and the sweet is far better choice than the bland and the sweet. I just hope I can still have coffee at 50, because mornings just won’t be as perfect.

My Mom and Her Fetish

My mother is the most organized person that I have ever known in my entire life. She hates dirt, doesn’t like wrinkles on her sheets and clothes. There are moments when its cute and al but there are also instances when her being a super neat freak can drive you up the wall. So one way to keep her mind off her OCD is to indulge in her passions, which varies every week.

Her passion changes from time to time. The winning trait of every woman, our ever changing mind. Now she is into crinkle taffeta table linens. Nothing that my sisters and I cant handle as of the moment. One perks of her “passion” is that our house never has a dull room.