February 14, 2014

Tea Is More Potent Than Coffee

I thought tea drinkers were missing out on a lot because of the movies. Whenever they want to calm people down they give them tea not coffee. Such false promotion should be scrapped out, tea even chamomile sends my heart rate up.

Maybe because I was not really a tea drinker, but tea just keeps me awake and hyper. Some leaves even burns up a couple of calories making it a healthier alternative to coffee. But then personally coffee curbs my appetite. I used it to keep me from overeating and sadly yes I used it to eat nothing at all. Which is not recommended.

I do love my coffee in the mornings of course. I still prefer it over tea anytime. The bitter and the sweet is far better choice than the bland and the sweet. I just hope I can still have coffee at 50, because mornings just won’t be as perfect.

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