February 24, 2014

Getting Mad at You Won’t Make Me Pretty

Finally, I have come to an end to hate her. My envious and insecure attitude surrenders and realized that firing up a strong tension towards her won’t make me any good at all. Just let things be.

I started to get annoyed to this person since I heard her name over and over again- with positive attributes. I could not accept the fact that she has the face everyone believes in that she is attractive. It might be the hatred in me that is why I could not see it. Insecure, I am: Jealous, possible. As I think maturely about the situation I’m dealing with, I end up to the point that I will gain nothing if my feelings for her never stop. I decided to swallow every pride I have and learned to let go of the issue. I will live my life with free spirit. Instead of giving others an attention, I would rather make my time productive and worthwhile.

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