February 19, 2014

A Girl Unfamiliar to Chocolate

It is quite fun to hear my friend's story about not knowing how a chocolate taste. Yes, she never even tasted one. I kept on thinking how could she not eat even a bit of sweet luxurious delight everybody used to love?

Then I found out, she was allergic to the chocolate content. She never dared to taste it, afraid of what could her body's reaction would be. She, until now never knew how a chocolate taste. If she only knew how this sweet stuff brings so much joy to the children face whenever they have a chocolate bar, I bet she’ll find one and eat it mouthful. I am confused about what to feel for her. Should there be a place to pity her or should I be amaze for having her incapacity of taking Choco foods. This was not like a sacrifice for her cause she knew what her body will be dealing with if she ever crosses the line and bend the rules. I definitely cannot do what she can. I won’t give up my chocolate fever, even if it will cause me sick.

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