December 24, 2013

He's Not That Into You

You have been dating this great guy for several months. However, not once did he tell you to go steady, or even said the magical words ''I love you.'' So where does that put you? Well, let me break it to you girl, he is probably not that into you.

Perhaps you have missed the signs, or you are just in denial. That is why to help you determine if it is true, then watch out for the following. First, if you have been dating for a long time but have never met his friends or family, then that is a sure sign that he is ready to let you go anytime. A guy who is serious with his current flame will be proud to show her off.

Next is his aversion to talk about anything personal. If a man likes you, then he will share his life story with you, no matter how trivial. Lastly, if you cannot reach him easily when you want to, then he is probably out partying with another girl. These signs only mean one thing. He is not as serious as you want him to be. There is only one thing left for you to do and that is to run towards the hills and never look back.

December 23, 2013

Shopping Saving Tips 101

Shopping can be different things. it can be a form of an exercise. It can also be a recreation for those who are not working. Whatever way one views it can be a very fun thing to do. As for me the only way I find shopping fun is when I get to buy stuffs at the same time saves money.

I remember getting a save on tascam psp520 at Musicians Friend. It was one of the things I bought were I was able to get big discounts. Number one tip on how to score big savings is to buy in bulk. Sellers gave big discounts to those who buy in bulk. Another saving tip is to wait for mall sales. You can also visit bazaar to look for cheap finds.

December 14, 2013

Are Writers Born or Made?

Some suggest that inborn intelligence and natural talent in learning a language are all that one needs to become a good writer. Well, what about the experiences that we all go through in life, the hardships that we have overcome or failed to overcome, the overwhelming joy that we feel in those rare moments when this world reveals its beauty in its purest form, just like: seeing your daughter for the first time or experiencing a mother’s unconditional love?

Everyone is an observer and everybody has a story to tell. Speak out! Don't worry about your words not being good enough. Forget about trying to sound smart. There is no use in pretending. Pomposity reeks like a dead fish left inside a block of odorous unpasteurized French cheese. Readers will know when you’re feeding them crap.

Just be honest. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to listen to someone who can speak their heart out, regardless of what educational background, poor test results, poor grammar, limited vocabulary or even chronic drunkenness. A brilliant idea is more powerful than perfect grammar. It cannot be constrained by how poorly it is written.

The Reluctant Pianist commits his life to Christ

Charlie started out his musical career playing the drums. He wanted to be a rock star and found the drums to be the key to that lifestyle. Although his Mother made him learn the Piano, Charlie saved up his allowance to buy himself a great set of drums.

He did get his wish, he became a great rock star, living the life and also ruining it. He sadly turned into drugs to keep up with the adrenaline. His down spiral should have lead him to his death, but God had a purpose for him.

I met Charlie when I joined the Choir, just heard about his life story during one of our retreats. I never knew him as the speed addict he used to be. Charlie to me will always be the one spreading God’s word behind his Yamaha digital pianos at musicians friend.

The Best of Concertos in CCP

The Head of CCP revamped the Cultural Center with brandished new Musical Instruments. She was able to hold a successful Fund Raising Event calling all of the almost dying breed of Affluent Culture Enthusiasts in Manila. Her Plight to re invent our Cultural Center was heeded and a stream of donors brought life back to the almost dilapidating Center.

We were one of the lucky ones to present the new instruments in a Summer Concert in CCP. My beautiful timpani at musicians friend shone like a star amidst equally shimmering instruments that littered the stage that Summer night. We gave the Sponsors the most spectacular concerto to date.

Leah Salonga did a solo number as testament to her loyalty to CCP. We were in awe at her beautiful voice, she outshined all of us. It was all for CCP, the most amazing of all Centers in this country.

The Positive Impact of Globalization in the Philippine Setting

In Philippine society today, globalization has brought new things to Philippine society, such as foreign media and a gateway to other cultures, since we are made known to others. It is a multi-way communication that has helped our country relate with other nations, because of the exchange of each countries’ information.

Filipino globalization is one of the biggest contributors to Philippine economy. Constituting it are Filipinos from the lower class to elite backgrounds: OFWs and international celebrities such as Manny Pacquiao. Globalization brings new discoveries from other countries to the Philippines. This helps in speeding up development. It also makes our defense situation known to others. If ever we are in peril, there is help.

Globalization plays a crucial role in a nation’s progress as a singular body and also as a community. It conveys what we are to the world, as well us making the world known to us.

When we lose our way, a hand will lead you back

My Mother has been a volunteer worker all her life. The helping hand to any project that needed that extra volunteer. We have always admired her charitable spirit, made us feel incompetent despite our academic degrees. She loved caring for people and we often wondered if it was because of our grandparents who gave her a home when she was a baby in an orphanage.

One summer when Mother volunteered for a center for subutex rehab, she opened up to us about her reasons for doing volunteer work. She was crying when she said that her mother could be anyone of those who needed a helping hand. Just like her adoptive parents, she wanted to give people a second chance in life.

I won’t ever forget that moment when she opened up that day. Won’t ever forget that I was a product of a second chance and that people despite the dark still has a light in them.

The Reunion that the whole class needed

Times have been really hard ever since Haiyan hit the shores of Roxas. A couple of our friends from the US touched base to show support. A lot of them were coming home for the holidays and our class president who was flying in from Australia started a Grand Reunion Party for the Holidays. It was themed, through broken roads.

Our Class Treasurer who was staying in New Jersey ordered online for a custom challenge coin. It will be the souvenir for the Grand Reunion. Classmates who couldn’t make it mailed in their support for the Party.

It was really a much needed party after the horrific storm that had destroyed a lot of livelihood. A much needed respite and reminder that we have friends despite the distance.

December 2, 2013

Too Bad I Am Not Your Friend

I’m not bragging, but I am the only one who has a lot of money to spare in the office. Everyone is just making both ends meet, and I am fortunate that I have more for some pleasures in life. I have always been generous and helpful, so people come to me for help. However there is this group that I would not help, and they know it.

I do not use my power to help others so I could get even or could manipulate other people. There are just co-workers who are simply very arrogant. They used to be well-liked by the owners, but they met their downfall when the owners conducted a loyalty check on their employees. Now, they could not ask the boss for cash advances because they are ashamed to do so. Now they are in need which is not new, and they are making advances and ways to reach out to me, so they could borrow money from me. If they did not push me to the limit while they were still favored by the boss, then they would not have problems borrowing money from me.

Indeed there are no permanent friends and enemies, so it is advisable not to trust anyone fully. For now, I would say that these people who did grave mistakes to me in the past do not have a place in my world. It’s better to keep safe distance, or get hurt again.

The Booming City in South California

Located at the Southern part of California was considered to be a major city of the State, san diego. It was one of the biggest cities in the United States and is believed to be growing fast. This city was claimed by the Spaniards in the fifteen hundred but was later on claimed by the Mexican empire in the eighteen hundreds. Years after that the American waged war on with the Mexican empire and acknowledge the city in 1850.

Because of it have many defence infrastructures it became the center of military activities during the World War II but after the war they held back in military activities and focused more in improving their technological research and tourism.

This place grew from a small town to a big urban city with plenty of skyscrapers to see, the climate here is perfect during summer and winter is not so cold so you can say that it has a mild weather all year round. The city’s ecosystem consists mostly of chapparal plants that could withstand drought. The Torrey pine which is now dying out can also be found here in bulks. Since these trees are endangered they are preserving the tree areas by putting off building constructions.

The population of the city has over a million which consist of a diverse races; it was dominated by white Americans, followed by Asians (Filipino, Chinese, Indian Korean and Japanese) black Americans and other races. Tourists do come in here because it has a beautiful beach line, national parks and amusements parks. It is also been called “America’s Craft beer Capital”.

Thank science for this audio system

When friend’s performs live with cheering crowds screaming for them it is hard to hear the music or the band. As a group they needed to hear each other crystal clear or else they might be ruining the show and you can’t blame the crowd for screaming because that’s also your fault; that is what you wanted them to do and it wouldn’t be good if they stay quiet. You wanted them to enjoy the show as much as you wanted to give them the best performance without any audio flaw.

This is why having an in-ear wireless monitor comes handy for those bands out there not just in bands but in every theatrical performances that deals with big crowds. This technology helped thousands of performers out there not to mess up on stage and just giving the crowd what they wanted.