December 2, 2013

Too Bad I Am Not Your Friend

I’m not bragging, but I am the only one who has a lot of money to spare in the office. Everyone is just making both ends meet, and I am fortunate that I have more for some pleasures in life. I have always been generous and helpful, so people come to me for help. However there is this group that I would not help, and they know it.

I do not use my power to help others so I could get even or could manipulate other people. There are just co-workers who are simply very arrogant. They used to be well-liked by the owners, but they met their downfall when the owners conducted a loyalty check on their employees. Now, they could not ask the boss for cash advances because they are ashamed to do so. Now they are in need which is not new, and they are making advances and ways to reach out to me, so they could borrow money from me. If they did not push me to the limit while they were still favored by the boss, then they would not have problems borrowing money from me.

Indeed there are no permanent friends and enemies, so it is advisable not to trust anyone fully. For now, I would say that these people who did grave mistakes to me in the past do not have a place in my world. It’s better to keep safe distance, or get hurt again.

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