December 14, 2013

When we lose our way, a hand will lead you back

My Mother has been a volunteer worker all her life. The helping hand to any project that needed that extra volunteer. We have always admired her charitable spirit, made us feel incompetent despite our academic degrees. She loved caring for people and we often wondered if it was because of our grandparents who gave her a home when she was a baby in an orphanage.

One summer when Mother volunteered for a center for subutex rehab, she opened up to us about her reasons for doing volunteer work. She was crying when she said that her mother could be anyone of those who needed a helping hand. Just like her adoptive parents, she wanted to give people a second chance in life.

I won’t ever forget that moment when she opened up that day. Won’t ever forget that I was a product of a second chance and that people despite the dark still has a light in them.

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