December 2, 2013

The Booming City in South California

Located at the Southern part of California was considered to be a major city of the State, san diego. It was one of the biggest cities in the United States and is believed to be growing fast. This city was claimed by the Spaniards in the fifteen hundred but was later on claimed by the Mexican empire in the eighteen hundreds. Years after that the American waged war on with the Mexican empire and acknowledge the city in 1850.

Because of it have many defence infrastructures it became the center of military activities during the World War II but after the war they held back in military activities and focused more in improving their technological research and tourism.

This place grew from a small town to a big urban city with plenty of skyscrapers to see, the climate here is perfect during summer and winter is not so cold so you can say that it has a mild weather all year round. The city’s ecosystem consists mostly of chapparal plants that could withstand drought. The Torrey pine which is now dying out can also be found here in bulks. Since these trees are endangered they are preserving the tree areas by putting off building constructions.

The population of the city has over a million which consist of a diverse races; it was dominated by white Americans, followed by Asians (Filipino, Chinese, Indian Korean and Japanese) black Americans and other races. Tourists do come in here because it has a beautiful beach line, national parks and amusements parks. It is also been called “America’s Craft beer Capital”.

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