February 21, 2013

It Isn’t About the Money, but My Worth

People are sent to school to have a quality job after their education. It is said as the key to everyone’s bright future. Nowadays, the competency of grabbing a career is getting stiffer and stiffer. Competition is always present, making numbers of rejects still unemployed even they got a degree.
Practically speaking, being employed is about getting money for maintenance, but not for me. I am striving so hard to find one to develop my being and have a self-improvement. Money may be necessary but it wasn’t the top of my priority. I like to know my worth as a being and what else can I do as I stay in this Planet. I have met my life half way and I decided that fulfilling my duties as a human is the only task I must accomplish before my judgment day. I just want others to utter some words for me about the things I have done for them.

February 15, 2013

I Rule My Crowning Glory

When it comes to my hair, I will be open and respect everybody's suggestion, but I will definitely rule. Hair is every woman’s crowning glory. It makes individual stand out from others. It also builds up a strong personality and sometimes, uses to have distinct identity.

I have a wavy hair and I liked it to be fully straightened so I have treated numbers of times to temporarily look what I desired i to be. Having a straight hair makes me elevate from others. I wanted to escape from my wavy hair. In a short period of six months, the chemical applied to my hair will lose their effectiveness and my new grown wavy hair will much likely be visible again. I’m tired of doing things over and over again to my hair. I realized the hefty cost I spent every half year and realized that I’m not accepting my natural being. Since then, I learned to accept what I have and be thankful instead. Hair beautifies faces, but the true beauty is not seen by our naked eyes.

February 9, 2013

Jumping into Another Handmade Idea

I strongly believe and keep pursuing myself that I am an artist myself. I did enjoy making handmade products out of papers and even recycled materials. I can put my artistic skills through making recyclable decorations or accessories. While I was in the middle of folding papers to make an origami of a swan, the chips I’m eating captured my attention. Another bright idea was born and after finishing my origami, I immediately prepared the materials that I will need to make another masterpiece of mine.

I looked for a good fabric to be my stuffed pillow casing. I designed it and sew it manually afterwards to initially form its shape .After a week of collecting different chips cover from my friends and neighbor, I begun cutting them in long thin stripes. These will be the stuffing materials I will put into the pillowcase I just made. After a long week of focusing my mission, I have another two and newly made stuffed pillow in my bed. I would love to show them to my circles.

February 2, 2013

Why Can't You love Us- Alcohol Beverages

Unpleasant, bitter taste, losing my control- these is the three reasons why I cannot love you, alcohol beverages. I don’t know how people love to enjoy their celebrations not without any alcohol. it seems that it is a major part of the party. Hosting a party without these bottles would make your gathering boring.

I once experienced to be drunk and I swear to myself that I will never do it again. It caused my head ache so much and my vision is uncontrollable. According to my friend who has seen my behavior under the influence of alcohol, I sung so loud and I cannot stop talking nothings. I also disposed all the foods I ate and I really rejected drinking until then. It was a lesson for me indeed. I am not an anti-alcohol, I just cannot love them, the way other people do.