February 15, 2013

I Rule My Crowning Glory

When it comes to my hair, I will be open and respect everybody's suggestion, but I will definitely rule. Hair is every woman’s crowning glory. It makes individual stand out from others. It also builds up a strong personality and sometimes, uses to have distinct identity.

I have a wavy hair and I liked it to be fully straightened so I have treated numbers of times to temporarily look what I desired i to be. Having a straight hair makes me elevate from others. I wanted to escape from my wavy hair. In a short period of six months, the chemical applied to my hair will lose their effectiveness and my new grown wavy hair will much likely be visible again. I’m tired of doing things over and over again to my hair. I realized the hefty cost I spent every half year and realized that I’m not accepting my natural being. Since then, I learned to accept what I have and be thankful instead. Hair beautifies faces, but the true beauty is not seen by our naked eyes.

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