February 9, 2013

Jumping into Another Handmade Idea

I strongly believe and keep pursuing myself that I am an artist myself. I did enjoy making handmade products out of papers and even recycled materials. I can put my artistic skills through making recyclable decorations or accessories. While I was in the middle of folding papers to make an origami of a swan, the chips I’m eating captured my attention. Another bright idea was born and after finishing my origami, I immediately prepared the materials that I will need to make another masterpiece of mine.

I looked for a good fabric to be my stuffed pillow casing. I designed it and sew it manually afterwards to initially form its shape .After a week of collecting different chips cover from my friends and neighbor, I begun cutting them in long thin stripes. These will be the stuffing materials I will put into the pillowcase I just made. After a long week of focusing my mission, I have another two and newly made stuffed pillow in my bed. I would love to show them to my circles.

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