October 30, 2013

Why some people use cigarette?

Cigarette smoking is one of the most common vices among men and women alike. Young or old, they seem to think it’s a good idea to smoke. Well, it’s not. And I simply do not understand how a sane person might think otherwise. I even tried one to find out what the fuss was all about—like when my friends tell me it’s hard to quit or whatever. I didn’t cough or choke, but I didn’t like it either. It felt like sucking in pollution straight to your lungs.

Aside from the disappointing taste (because I actually thought it tasted good, what with all the people going crazy over cigarettes), it also gives people bad breath and poor health. Not only does it affect the smoker himself, it also affects the people around him. It adds to the air pollution and people who accidentally inhale the secondhand smoke will also be affected—I think many will agree that smokers who are aware of this are just a little too selfish, should they continue this bad habit.

Yes, smokers may have a reason why they simply cannot quit, but is that reason good enough to make them risk their body, their health, the wellbeing of others and of Mother Earth? I don’t think so.

For the Love of Apricots

My brother isn’t much of a nutritionist, which is why it surprised me when he send me an email the other day, telling me about going to Apricot Power for apricot seeds. He explained his research into the health benefits of apricots and the importance of B17, and how Apricot Power carried products grown close by in California. He also told me how in love he and his family are with the taste.

Needless to say, I immediately took his advice and checked out the information and placed my order. I couldn’t try his, because he lives so far away from me, but, after receiving mine this morning, I have to say that his review was absolutely spot-on. These are excellent. I think I’ve found my new favorite snack, and it’s healthy too!

The Graduation Keepsake Reversal

When I graduated from high school, I got a generic class ring with my birthstone and some symbols on the sides that really meant very little to me. I put little to no thought into it and really only purchased one because of the pressure from my parents, who said I needed a keepsake (as if the tassels, pictures, diploma, and memories weren’t enough) and peer pressure.

Now, I am graduating college, and, after 5 years of painstaking hard work and long nights of writing, my feelings on keepsakes have changed. Late last night, while searching joyjewelers.com for class rings, I came across the perfect one in my price range and purchased it immediately. Needless to say, I put far more thought into this class ring than my high school one.

Impersonating Is Also A Talent

I am very well entertained to see other people copying prominent people from the way they dress, the way they talk, and every move they did. Iconic people like the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley and the King of Pop Michael Jackson are one of the most impersonated people. Their distinct way of carrying those clothes, their unique moves and the signature act they did is mostly copied by their super avid fans.

This stuff is not a big deal for others, but for me, it is. Copying a person in almost perfectly way is hard and there would always be a judgment coming, sometimes good criticism. The comparison to the original would always be there also. Having the perfect gesture requires a lot of time of studying every single detail their character portrays. Just be entertained when you saw someone pretending to be somebody they are not, mind them not if you have no good to tell. Dealing to convince people is yet hard, simple appraisal would ease them.

A Dangerous New Discovery

One of the coolest collections I have come across in a long time is guy harvey designer jewelry. Now, I am not much for jewelry myself. Only wear my wedding ring and am not much for accessorizing, but there are some excellent pieces in there. From gemstone beauties to full color bass, guy harvey seems to have been inspired by everything. Not only am I shopping this collection for myself, I’m finding things that would make great gifts for almost everyone I know, except maybe my son, who is far too young for jewelry.

I am sure his work isn’t actually going to appeal to everyone and it really only suits certain occasions, the diversity of the pieces available and the creativity of them really impressed me and kept me pouring through pages for far longer than I should have been, considering that I told myself I wasn’t going to buy anything else this month.

Avoiding Accidentally Sales to Minors

If you own your own business, you know how important it is to control costs. If what you own sells alcohol, you know how costly even an accidental violation of underage drinking laws can be. Outside of the monetary price you pay, you also have the stigma of apathy attached to your business that comes with such violations.

The new id checkers coming out now are a very effective way of protecting your business from this unnecessary frustration and expense. They spot fakes for you, weeding out even the best of them. There are some nearly perfect fakes out there and catching them all yourself, without specialized training or experts, is nearly impossible. With these, the guesswork is gone.

October 18, 2013

The 8 Hour Ride

I don’t like to stay at moving vehicles for long times. More, I don’t like if that vehicle is a plane. Because you can’t stop on the way and get down if you feel suffocated. Well, this time the awful journey is to one of the beach at my home town. From the big city, it is about 200 kilometers. But, the traffic is really heavy on that road. So, we spend almost 8 hours ride until we arrived at the destination. Of course, we stop for gas and dinner. But, what I can’t stand is the roads; it is so bumpy and dark with only 3 meters vision range.

I ask the driver whether he has been to that beach before. And he said, only once. That answer didn’t sit well with me. I am so nervous. So I always ask him to be careful and drive slowly. After we arrived at the destination hotel, I am so relieved. But, I know that I still have to go through it again on the way home. At least, it is midday when we got home, so the road will be visible.

Fashion for Little Tots

Fashion nowadays is not just for adults but it is now also available for our cute little children. It’s like dressing up small Barbie dolls and Ken dolls. These fashionable finds range from cute and chic little dresses for small girls to really handsome polo shirts and pants for your little prince. It’s perfect since parents love nothing else but shower their young ones all the best stuffs.

Clothes and shoes are not the only one in the market available for your children. There are also different kinds of kids eyeglasses readily available in the market. It comes in different shapes and sizes and colors. It’s a great accessories for those hip and stylish little princess and princes of our life.

Why We Love Chick Literature

My love for chick literature started with teen chick lit master writer, Meg Cabot. After reading almost all of her books, I moved on to Sarah Dessen then Rachel Gibson to Jennifer Weiner and the list goes on. Contrary to a lot of beliefs, chick lits are not merely the female version of porn nor is it mind-numbing. Chick literatures are celebration of woman hood. What I love about chick literature is that it depicts the life of modern women. It is every woman’s escape to their lives. It gives women the chance to live and be emboldened through somebody else’s life, whether or not it’s based on a true story or pure fiction.

Chick Lit books are like beacons of hope for women. It tells them that happy endings do exist. It tells them to be strong patient, that no matter how cruel life sometimes is, happiness will find its way to them.

Everything In Its Rightful Place

In this world were things sometimes gets out of control, people tend to get more frustrated over simple things. So in this busy and stressful world of ours I find solace inside the house where I make sure that everything is in order. For a control freak like me, imagine my frustration when things don’t go well according to plan. That is why when it comes inside the house I make sure that all stuffs are in its proper place.

Another place that I want spotless is the dining and the kitchen area. Here I make sure to organize my pots and pans according to size and the most frequent used. I either hang it near the sink or keep it in clean and dry cabinets. It’s also very important to keep all pans and pots clean because this is where we cook all our foods.

October 5, 2013

Indoor Winter Wear Gorgeous Swimsuits

What better way to keep fit indoors during the freezing days of winter than to do yoga? Yoga unlike the outdoors winter sports skiing; requires light and tight fitting cotton suits like tights, leggings and swimsuits. There are women who are well endowed like big busts or big butts and couldn’t seem to fit into most of the swimsuits sold ready to wear in department stores and boutiques. One friend admittedly categorize herself with this women.

She found the perfect solution to her problem when we saw an online ad that says junonia.com has swimsuits for big busts. Now buying her swimsuits for those winter yoga sessions and even for her beach outings during summer don’t pose a big threat to her enjoying her winters indoors and her summers at the beach. We don’t have to feel guilty leaving her behind because she won’t come with us and envy us while we display nice colorful bikinis and she in shorts and racer back tank.