October 18, 2013

Why We Love Chick Literature

My love for chick literature started with teen chick lit master writer, Meg Cabot. After reading almost all of her books, I moved on to Sarah Dessen then Rachel Gibson to Jennifer Weiner and the list goes on. Contrary to a lot of beliefs, chick lits are not merely the female version of porn nor is it mind-numbing. Chick literatures are celebration of woman hood. What I love about chick literature is that it depicts the life of modern women. It is every woman’s escape to their lives. It gives women the chance to live and be emboldened through somebody else’s life, whether or not it’s based on a true story or pure fiction.

Chick Lit books are like beacons of hope for women. It tells them that happy endings do exist. It tells them to be strong patient, that no matter how cruel life sometimes is, happiness will find its way to them.

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