November 27, 2013

Aiming for Excellence!

Every year, everyone is aiming for excellence in their own little ways. As for me, I aim for excellence by doing my job as honestly as I can without doing favours or taking sides. Even though I am an employee of a private corporation, it is my duty as a Certified Public Accountant to prepare financial reports that is fairly presented, without bias, neither to the company nor to the government. That is my daily aim for the past year for every working day that passes by.

Last week was our appraisal period and it is my second time to be rated. Although this year would be my first year in taking part of the appraisal process. At first I was doubtful because really didn’t know if I'm doing anything right with my appraisal form. But then, I was surprised when my boss never really changed a material percentage on my grade. I got an A grade with a score of 97.09% and I am one lucky girl. For me it was a successful year and I promise to strive more with my work.

Getting Ahead

I started my Christmas shopping early this year—I’m not the type of person who appreciates too much competition in the market. Some of the items, I bought from malls such as clothes and accessories for my nieces, while some I had to order online such as the gretsch honeydipper I bought for my husband.

Not only does early shopping save you from the hassle of Christmas rush, it also gets you great deals and bargain items. It’s very practical. There’s only one downside though—if you don’t know how to keep the presents well for a long time, the recipients will eventually find them and the element of surprise will be gone! If you’re planning to do early shopping next year, my advice is to find a great hiding place first before buying items so you can keep them out of sight as soon as you bring them home.

November 21, 2013

Helping a friend out

My best friend, Sasha, is looking for a gift that his brother requested from her. She’s looking for an affordable zoom ms100bt but she has no idea where to buy one. She’s not much of a music fan and she doesn’t even know what that thing is for. But she wants to grant her brother’s wish because he’s been through a lot lately.

I decided to help her out and searched online for stores that may offer this product. There were a lot of helpful results and I showed it to her. I’m not really sure why she hasn’t thought of buying online but at least I got to lend her a helping hand. I hope this gift will help cheer her brother up and make him happy this Christmas.

If I Lived On A Deserted Island

I saw a movie titled “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks decades ago. In the movie, the main actor is trapped in a deserted island with nowhere to go and has to survive. I can’t imagine myself being in that situation. If I was in a deserted island, I believe I cannot survive. I know that human can exceed their stamina and brain in sticky situation. But I cannot imagine myself in an island where there is no electricity.

Just half a day of power down in my city can cause really inconvenience live. People like to connect with other people and without electricity that cannot happen. I can’t play games, wash the clothes, cook the rice, and more. Every single daily life activities nowadays is requiring electricity. So, if I happen to stuck in a deserted island, I don’t know if I can survive. But, one thing for sure, I cannot survive the inconvenience of the lack electricity.

Looking for a party DJ

I’m throwing a party next week and I’m planning on going all out and hiring either a live band or a DJ. I discussed this with some of my friends to get their opinion since they are the ones who will be listening and bopping to the music. Apparently, DJs are the ’in’ thing for parties these days. So I searched online for DJs near our vicinity. I found one just two blocks away from us and immediately left him a message.

I asked him to invite me to one of his sets so I can get a feel of his music. He agreed and told me to visit the club he usually plays at—I went there last night. Needless to say, it was an awesome night and he was an excellent DJ! He even allowed me to try out his exciting digital dj equipment. I hired him on the spot.

Say goodbye to rush holiday shopping

As a personal goal, I see to it that I’m able to give gifts to every member of my family on Christmas. Even back then when I still didn’t have the means to pay for gifts, I offer them services instead. I never let a holiday season go by without spreading joy to the people I love. These days, I love holiday shopping even more because I don’t have to fall in line with shoppers anymore. I can easily do my shopping online!

I bought a couple of clothes for my parents, some make-up for my older sister, a toy robot for my little brother, and a juice goose 11-20a at m123 for my boyfriend. The good thing about this is that everything will be delivered straight to my apartment and I won’t have to spend too much time looking for gifts anymore!

November 5, 2013

I Have Lived A Thousand Characters

I am a book lover. And book lover often dream and imagine characters from the books. If I can tell the truth, I have lived a thousand characters in my imaginary world. As a book lover, I often find myself dreaming becoming the main lead heroine and save the day. Well, who doesn’t want to be their own hero or heroine. I know that my imaginary stops at my imagination, reality are reality. But sometimes great inventions come first as a figment of imaginary things.

I can create my own world and fill it with creatures from my imagination. I guess that is how such great writer comes up with ideas for their books. I always love great details to the city or landscape in the books and the characters. Creating one imaginary world is not an easy task, the audience and reader has to be really sucks into the world so they wish they never leave that world. I wonder if virtual reality is going to become the real things in the future.

A Trip to a Pet Store

My friend asked me one day to accompany her to a pet store to buy two heated cat houses. Before that day I honestly did not know that such project exists in the market. When we arrived at the store I was totally clueless on what I should be looking for. Thankfully the store attendant was very helpful.

What I find funny is that I though they’ll be warm enough under the covers of our bed. Although I own my own dog I have never realized that even our loving and loyal friend needs something like this. That trip to the store truly made me understand that like human, pets also needs the same things that we do like a nice warm house on a cold winter night.