April 12, 2014

When I Want To Be In A Cosplay Show

I love costume plays but it’s such a shame that I have not participated in any of them at all, maybe it wasn’t a thing back then; I mean we never had Halloween parties or any parties at all made costume a thing. Back in the days “cosplays” became a hit only around anime fan and gamers but those things are only held in Manila and not where I am now.

As much as I wanted to dress in a Japanese school uniform, wearing a stocking and dying my hair purple or go all Sailormoon style; it was far from happening.

Time is a bitch because people are doing it now in our city, I mean there a lot of events which they held cosplays every year but I'm afraid I'm too old for that, the most that I see were high school students sporting Naruto costumes and my favorite school girl uniform. I love seeing them but I can’t hide the fact that I wanted to be in that event so much that I was cringing.

A Work Place Just Like Home

Our company will be moving into a new place this week. At first I wasn’t really happy with the move because the new place is a lot farther to my home compared to the old one which is a stone throw away. But who am I to complain I am just an employee.

But my perspective change when I saw my new office a day before yesterday. I saw that I had a wonderful view with floor to ceiling glass window on one side. But the thing that I love the most about the new office is my desk and the hettich drawer slides. Everything about it is convenient and perfect for my daily tasks and routine. I can see myself spending countless hours behind that beautiful desk.