March 17, 2014

Don’t Turn Back on Yourself

When I was a kid, I was quite a handful to my young parents. I was smart and I knew it. I knew that I had my parents wrapped around my fingers. Since I was the first grandchild, I was basically the first baby of the family and I felt that everybody adored me. That was until I became too much to handle.

Used to having my way, I carried my confident nature all throughout. It reached a point that I had so much belief in myself that instead of adoring me, I would be scolded because of my risky decisions. It became like that until I reached high school. And that was when I learned to hate myself or more like I developed a dual perception of myself. Sometimes I wouldn’t bat an eyelash and go on with what I think is the way I should do things. And then there are times when I’d be crippled by lack of confidence. It became a struggle.

Today, I could say that I’ve been able to recover my old swagger. And I still doubt myself sometimes. But thankfully I have learned to manage that. Now I just don’t want to ever turn my back against myself again.

The Hassle of Wedding Prep

The face of my sister was priceless when I gave her a to do list for my wedding preparation. She said right after I gave the list, “Thank God I love you or else I would have burned this mile long list in front of you.” Fortunately she does love me and can’t wait to have my bedroom so she eventually did agree to do some of the errands I need which includes printing envelopes here and there.

One thing I love about my family is that they don’t really mind if I delegate some of the tasks and errands that need to be completed before the wedding day. Delegating the tasks gives me more time to worry about more important wedding details and some beauty rest on the side.

I Enjoyed Hong Kong’s Airport Express Card

For my trip to Hong Kong, I spent a lot of my time preparing our travel arrangements. I didn’t want to get lost in a foreign place or be an annoying tourist to locals so I sat down and did my research. Luckily, being a “world city,” Hong Kong has invested in different projects which make them tourist- friendly. They even built a train that only passes through five stations and cuts travel time to almost half for each stop. Fittingly, they called the train the “Airport Express.”

To add more value, they’ve introduced a convenience card which allows tourists unlimited rides on the MTR and one free ride on the Airport Express. I thought that was really cool and made the experience of traveling in Hong Kong, more worry- free for tourists. The card was even usable on the light rail and buses operated by the MTR. I found that really helpful since a light rail line ran the route near my friend’s place and I could just hop on the light rail going to the nearest MTR station and then be on my way to getting around Metro Hong Kong.

Down to the Smallest Details

Starting your very own business is not a walk in the park. You need to work extra hard if you want to see your business succeed. Building it takes time and study. You need to look at all the details from the biggest to the smallest detail of your business plan.

I remember when my dad started his print business. He was a busy bee during the first month of the business. He was looking at the print shop software at He was even out and about checking the spot where the store will be built. He was also busy looking into the resume of applicants who want to work for him. It’s a good thing that he is an obsessive compulsive because he makes sure that every detail is looked into.

Learning to Win is Something Special

Still disappointed from my alma mater’s loss to our arch rivals, I was fixating on the league standings trying to figure out what would be the best position for us to finish the elimination round. I know it’s geeky, but that’s fine by me. We’re the five- time defending champions and I think it would definitely be very sweet if we won a sixth championship. So I was following the games yesterday and found out our arch rivals were playing. Of course I was praying they’d lose. They didn’t.

More than the win, what struck me more was the fact that they seemed to have finally figured out how to win. In our game against them, we were leading as much as nine when they’re veterans started to put the team on their backs. It’s like they suddenly went on kill mode and just buckled down to business. We were fighting for third seed on the standings. The game was tied in the dying minutes and their leader who was struggling all throughout came through with the winning basket. They made stops and they made baskets down the stretch.

In yesterday’s game, they were down by one with a minute to go. The time I refreshed my Twitter feed, the game had gone to overtime. They eventually won by five points. Now they’re at second place. And as a sports fan, though I am from a rival school, I could not help but appreciate the fact that they’ve finally learned how to win. That’s something special.

Something Blue and Something Old

For my father’s 60th birthday I decided to give him something old and something blue. I had a hard time thinking of what to give him. Because what do you actually give someone who basically have everything that ever wanted. So since he is a musician by heart I figured I buy him something he already has but different in every way.

I asked his mother, my grandma if she knows and owns something that can be of use to my father. She gave me a ukulele strap. Its blue and it used to belong to my grandfather, his father. I can’t wait to see his reaction to this special and well thought of gift of mine. Is it March 22 already?

Life After 60

Friends used to crack a joke about my daughter in laws every time I mention it to them. They would always tell me that those girls have a say as to which nursing home I would eventually end up and which for senior housing software to use.

I am just glad that I can be certain that I wont end up in a crappy one because I have treated them almost like my real daughters. Of course I had some bad days where I am not exactly proud of the things I do but still I have done nothing that awful to them. When that day comes that they will send me to a home for the aged I am certain that they will only give me nothing but the best.

A Night I Won’t Forget

Call me crazy or stupid but honestly I really don’t care. It isn’t everyday that someone can take my breath away. My crazy night started when me and my girlfriends went to a club for our regular girl’s night out. It was a perfect evening. Everything was just right.

At the middle of our stay at the said club, the performer changed from a boring girl to a acoustic singing with a standard electric at musicians friend rock hottie. After the show he came up to me and asked my name and if we can hang out a little after his set. I said yes. I left the girls and went out with him. Not something I normally do but this one is an exception to my rule because he stirred something in me that I thought was long gone.

Disaster Is Knocking at the Front Door

2 reasons why I don’t like kids in my bachelor pad. First there are so noisy and second is they can’t sit still. Don’t get me wrong I love playing with kids only when they are outside my place. Because every time a kid is inside my place, I can’t relax and concentrate. Lets just say that I got burned once and have no intention of repeating it again.

I once let a kid roam around the house. She is one adorable little kid, my niece. She was too adorable that she was a regular visitor. Unfortunately, all kids have disasters on their tail. This cute one accidentally bump my rivera amplifier down the 20 steps stairs. Since then no kids allowed inside the house ever.

Kids Nowadays Are So Different

Change is one of the only thing that is constant in this world of ours. The principal of the school where I used to teach during my on the job training thought me so many things. She is the reason why I choose to stay at that university despite the other offer of bigger schools.

She told me that kids nowadays would rather play a Cellular Game Camera than hold a real ball and play with real people. I think that it is absolutely true. Kids before would rather spend their entire day outside with friends. Now most kids would rather stay at home, playing games. What I think is one hindrance of building a great real relationship with real people.

One Thing She will Miss

Meara is already schedule for her back operation on the 26th of April 2014, just a month after her high school graduation. She has a severe case of scoliosis. Her body isn’t really deformed despite the fact that the curvature is already around 60 degrees. The reason behind the operation is because she is having a hard time breathing because of the abnormal curve of her spine.

After the operation according to the doctor, she can’t lie down on foam mattresses. She cant bend down and no strenuous activities for about half a year. But according to her one thing that she will surely miss is to be able to sleep and rest in a soft and comfortable bed of hers.

Where it All Started

I was never really one who cares what I wear underneath my clothes. If its nice and comfortable then I wear it. All of my carefree life was thrown away when I started reading the book Beautiful Bastard series. It opened my eyes into the many things that I have been missing including what an Erotic Lingerie can do to my marriage life.

I have realized the power of wearing really good garments underneath my clothes. The errands that I can make my husband do in exchange to a quick glimpse to what I’m wearing under my shirt. As per my husband, he cant really complain even though the price isn’t that cheap. He likes what he sees so the price isn’t really a problem at all.

March 8, 2014

Miley Cyrus is really Twerkin’ It

That stunt at the VMAs was really a publicity drive for Miley Cyrus. Within days, her singles became the most downloaded tracks on iTunes and she was the talk of the town for the later weeks. In fact, she still is. Only now it’s no longer just about that stunt at the VMAs.

She recently released a video where she was crying and performing naked. If you asked me, that “Wrecking Ball” video really speaks volume about Milely and the direction she wants her career to take. She simply blows through the stereotype. And this girl simply isn’t done yet. Just yesterday, I found out that she partnered with Wiz Khalifa to produce another song. Actually, that was a rap. It was a tribute to the greatest baller of all time, Michael Jordan. She really seems intent on strutting all that stuff that she’s got and putting it all out for the world to see.

I just hope Liam Hemsworth loves her enough to stick around for the spectacle.

A Once in a Lifetime Chance

Not everyone is given a chance to show the world who they really are. That is why when you got the chance, grab it and don’t let it go. This is what I am always telling my niece who is actually a great singer. But instead of singing because she is so shy, she would rather stay at the back stage taking care of kemper profiling amp rather than be on the stage and be the star.

I remember one afternoon she was singing while taking care of the equipments needed for that night show. One of the many agents who goes to such show heard her sing and approached her immediately. The agent offered her a singing career but unfortunately she was too shy to accept the offer. I told her that kind of offer might not come again.

How True Can An Ouija Board Be?

Board games are only appealing to those who like to play mind games like scrabbles, chess, monopoly and others. But never has it been a top rated game for every teen as of today. Most of the games they are fond to play are an outdoor game that requires a lot of physical interactive. But one thing I know that they possibly like to try on board- the Ouija board.

Some still thought that this game is totally untrue and played by others participants but to others who have communicated with their love ones in the other line, it is a real deal. Experts of contacting should like paranormal team sometimes use this gadget to get in touch with a particular soul. This is played mostly at night when darkness covers the place and only the candle lit serves as light. Young peers try this stuff to seek answer if this board really works for real. I hope they find what they expect to be the answers.

A First Class Music Room

I recently applied as a music teacher in one of the private school near or house. I have been a teacher for more than 5 years already and this is the first time that I would teach music. I love music ever since I was a little girl so I think I wont have a difficult time in teaching music class.

The first thing that I notice when I entered their music room is the first class musical equipment and the classic behringer europort epa40 handheld pa system. It was a bit unusually for me to see such equipments in school. I have seen lots of musical paraphernalia because I grew up with musicians so such things aren’t really new to me.

March 7, 2014

Going to the Bottom of Educational Trips

My son rushed home and presented me the slip which contained the itinerary for his field trip. I was aghast because I paid too much, and we’re just going museum hopping??? I couldn’t contain my displeasure. I even promised myself that I would make sure to express my discontent to the school authorities.

On the day of the field trip, my son was giddy with excitement. While I was just a passive passenger, my son and his classmates were the opposite. After each museum visit, the children chattered on the bus. “Oh yeah, “ I muttered. I thought that if the school chose better places, the children would have been happier. I really felt cheated, but I kept my silence. However, after talking to a co-parent, it dawned on me that no amount of money could replace that joy my son felt during the field trip. I could take him to the mall, buy him toys, eat in an expensive restaurant; but these would never, ever equal the joy he felt on his field trip.

We parents would oftentimes complain about the unnecessary expenses at school, but before we react, we should first keep in mind that we are not just spending for these things; we are also spending on something that will make our children happy.

Thoughts On Manifesting Faith

A quote that says “Religion is the opium of the masses” is hanged at the corner wall of my church mate’s room and I agree on this. Don’t get us wrong. I am involved with the Church and its activities but I can’t tolerate the lapses of Catholic faith in ways of manifesting it. I notice that people pray or go to church when they have a wish list for anything they need. Although I must admit that when I needed a MIDI Controllers from musicians friend, I ran to the church, literally, to borrow one. Some people just tend to do unnecessary sacrifices to make their prayers/wishes come true.

I believe that faith is based on the goodness and fairness of what we believe in, not as opium to sugar-coat or even forget what is happening.

Almost a Perfect Love Story

I remember my ultimate crush when I was in high school. His name is Vien. We were in the same year level and his classroom was near my room. Every recess time, I see him walk in the corridors and sometimes, I catch him looking at me, too. He is a drummer of a famous band in our school. He even owns a d drums from musicians friend that makes him more popular. I don’t know but I am really attracted to musicians. I find them cool and artistic.

Days passed and we became friends, or maybe more than that. I learned so much about him, not just as a musician but also as a person. He showed me his compositions, invited me to go to their gigs and even introduced me to his parents. Unfortunately, our love story did not prosper. When we were in college we had different priorities in life and decided to go separate ways.

Goodbye, My Dear friend, Goodbye

A good sound system makes a simple gathering a superb. This is what we experienced in my best friend’s despedida party. She is about to leave the country two weeks from now. Her company sent her to their mother company’s main office located in Canada. It was a plain gathering. I coordinated all our high school friends and some of her colleagues. It was a short-noticed event but many came. We had a little program where we say our short speeches. The b212xl speaker really did a good job in making our voices clear and loud. I think it added up in making this event a heartfelt one.

Tears fell down and seem not to end that night. A mixture of joy and fear. I will really miss her. I really wish her well.

Good Music, Fun Reunion

I remember last Christmas season, my relatives in my mother's side had a reunion. We are almost complete except for those who resides in faraway provinces. Our family celebrations would not be complete without a videoke machine. It is my family's way of bonding. The moment the videoke machine was turned on, we hurriedly grabbed the videoke book where the lists of songs and its corresponding numbers are written. My cousin memorized the song code for his favorite Maroon 5 song, She Will Be Loved, so he sung the first song. We keep on adjusting the settings so we will be all set.

When I had my turn, I sung "How Deep is Your Love" by Beegees. I love the song because of its slow and romantic tone. I just have an average singing voice but I really felt like a diva. It is a good thing we have a shure sm58 Mic. The singing went on and on until dawn. It's really a day to remember!