March 7, 2014

Going to the Bottom of Educational Trips

My son rushed home and presented me the slip which contained the itinerary for his field trip. I was aghast because I paid too much, and we’re just going museum hopping??? I couldn’t contain my displeasure. I even promised myself that I would make sure to express my discontent to the school authorities.

On the day of the field trip, my son was giddy with excitement. While I was just a passive passenger, my son and his classmates were the opposite. After each museum visit, the children chattered on the bus. “Oh yeah, “ I muttered. I thought that if the school chose better places, the children would have been happier. I really felt cheated, but I kept my silence. However, after talking to a co-parent, it dawned on me that no amount of money could replace that joy my son felt during the field trip. I could take him to the mall, buy him toys, eat in an expensive restaurant; but these would never, ever equal the joy he felt on his field trip.

We parents would oftentimes complain about the unnecessary expenses at school, but before we react, we should first keep in mind that we are not just spending for these things; we are also spending on something that will make our children happy.

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