March 7, 2014

Good Music, Fun Reunion

I remember last Christmas season, my relatives in my mother's side had a reunion. We are almost complete except for those who resides in faraway provinces. Our family celebrations would not be complete without a videoke machine. It is my family's way of bonding. The moment the videoke machine was turned on, we hurriedly grabbed the videoke book where the lists of songs and its corresponding numbers are written. My cousin memorized the song code for his favorite Maroon 5 song, She Will Be Loved, so he sung the first song. We keep on adjusting the settings so we will be all set.

When I had my turn, I sung "How Deep is Your Love" by Beegees. I love the song because of its slow and romantic tone. I just have an average singing voice but I really felt like a diva. It is a good thing we have a shure sm58 Mic. The singing went on and on until dawn. It's really a day to remember!

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