March 17, 2014

I Enjoyed Hong Kong’s Airport Express Card

For my trip to Hong Kong, I spent a lot of my time preparing our travel arrangements. I didn’t want to get lost in a foreign place or be an annoying tourist to locals so I sat down and did my research. Luckily, being a “world city,” Hong Kong has invested in different projects which make them tourist- friendly. They even built a train that only passes through five stations and cuts travel time to almost half for each stop. Fittingly, they called the train the “Airport Express.”

To add more value, they’ve introduced a convenience card which allows tourists unlimited rides on the MTR and one free ride on the Airport Express. I thought that was really cool and made the experience of traveling in Hong Kong, more worry- free for tourists. The card was even usable on the light rail and buses operated by the MTR. I found that really helpful since a light rail line ran the route near my friend’s place and I could just hop on the light rail going to the nearest MTR station and then be on my way to getting around Metro Hong Kong.

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