March 29, 2013

Your All is Not Enough

When it comes to love, no one can resist doing anything for their special someone. That is the power of love.

I have known a guy named Noni. He is a gay and has a lover named Billie. The two of them shared houses and they were accepted in their respective families. For quite some months, Noni played to be a role of a housewife. He never complains, he just loves to serve the young lad all he desires. His work is a Feng Sui expert, -having clients nationwide and even outside the country. There were times that he even cancels an appointment to meet his client just to be with Billie’s side. Indeed it’s sweet, but the bitter side of the story is, the lad doesn’t take Noni’s devotion seriously. He was just pretending to use Noni’s feeling. Though Noni tries to do everything he can, the incompleteness of being not a lady will never ever be enough for his lover.

March 26, 2013

Settling Things to be in Proper Order

There was this girl who enjoyed her life so much and extremely used her lady life in bad influential manner she acquired from her local peers. At the legal age of 18, she learned to drink alcoholic beverages and even taste the bitter taste of smoking. She starts dating different guys and has numerous relationships. Succeeding to have a long list of guys made her feel cool and beautiful. She never flunk at school, same as never have some progress.

She graduated without getting her credentials due to the balance she committed in her university. The supposed money for her tuition was used to please her peers and buy some non-sense stuffs. Her parents don’t even have a clue about her situation. She has been unemployed for a long two years and suddenly met a guy who helped her opened her mind into reality. He guided her to push herself and be motivated to face the problems she left. A problem itself cannot be resolve without doing an action to solve it. Getting out around her peers makes she realized that what she has done was too much for an ordinary happiness of teenager. As soon as she found the right path to take, she insisted to do things right this time. Find a job, do precise and have the courage to face the unsettled things, is in her mind this time. It was never too late to change. It won’t be hard if you are perfectly driven to do so.

March 24, 2013

A Combination of Heart Aches and Tears

Circumstances, experiences, joys and hurts become special parts of one's life. These are God's way of molding us into what He wants us to be... We may feel like asking why, but one thing's for sure, He has His own reasons why He let us go through these things.

There are times when we really have to be hurt for us to feel the goodness of healing. There are times when we really have to cry for us to appreciate better the essence of smiling.
There are times when we really have to go through pain... Pain caused by special people in our lives. Pain caused by our surroundings. Pain caused by ourselves. Whatever lesson will I learn from this pain that I'm feeling right now, I would just wait for the positive outcome of all of these for when I am tried and purified, I shall come forth as GOLD...

March 21, 2013

Life is a Full Cast Movie of Our Own

Watching movies all day is surely a piece of cake. It is the best way to use the spare time especially for the couch potato type of person. What makes the movies interesting to the people is the usage of fine actors and actresses to portray the roles of the promising characters of the story. Each scene will be delivered in a full emotion whatever genre a movie is designed to be. We, ourselves are actors and actresses who plays a reality role in life. We stand as the main characters in our unique stories. How good it is to be a multi-taker? You play a role, you directed and produced it and the main audience before your friends and loved ones.

What life differs in a movie film is words are not fabricated. It is not scripted and comes naturally. I love to be the star in my life, full cast with hefty guests such as my family and friends. My movie hasn't even in the middle yet. But I will continue to watch it until the very end.

March 16, 2013

The Monster that Lives Just in Head

Of all the things I could be scared of, computers would definitely be in my list. You may give it a laugh but for real, I have been scared to neither use nor touch our desktop for so long.

Because computers are powered by electricity, it made me thinking that a single error to commit while using the PC may produce a large explosion and bring our house down. I don’t know how I come with it but it stuck and really made me stopping to use the thing. My phobia got vanished ever since I was required to study a computer subject and need to perform its basic uses correctly. It was a relief to finish my very first encounter with a computer and my panic attitude slowly fades away. As the technology continues to produce more innovations today, I must acquire to know the ways and uses of new creations. I do not need to be gadget geek, I just don’t want be left out of the flow.

March 14, 2013

The Good Old Passion for Writing

As a kid, I believed and often rely on my astrology stars. Who would not be convinced at a very young age, especially when the predictions are as well getting into reality?

I was amused to see that my future profession would either be a painter or an editor. I raised my brows and begun thinking which profession would I end up with? Those two professions never even crossed my mind. As a kid, I enjoyed watching cooking shows and dreamt of being a great Chef someday. As I went to college, I planned to take up the Hotel and Restaurant Management vocation, but my family did not allow me doing so. It was a heartbreaking moment for me, and instead, I was forced to take the Communication Course having Journalism as my Major. I hated the writing works and it’s really hard to do such thing you don’t really. At the midst of my first semester, I was struggling hard to fight my frustrations. I just seek out some outlets to lessen my stress level. I eventually learned to love what I’m taking up, after some great compliment I received through my writing skills. I did enjoy writing then, again. When I looked back on my preliminary grades in school I was with the school publication organization, I did enjoy making poems same with short feature stories as my spare time. My heart belongs to writing now, and I’m hoping to strengthen more our relationship through time.

March 3, 2013

When Stray Bullets Find their Way Home

If she'd die tonight, the reason would be vague, but let the mourners mourn, that's why they're called mourners. They'll mourn for whatever reason they have in mind. Let the tears flow, be it of sorrow, or of joy, or of that of a crocodile feigning suffering for the loss. If she would even be considered as a loss, that is. Let the naysayers rant whatever they think is worth ranting about. Let them vent out and know afterwards that what caused them to be their lack of sleep. So let them sleep. Let no one play the role of an immobile soldier looking after the stiff corpse of a boxed girl, waiting for all the candles to melt away.

If there would even be a wake, that is. Let the comforters comfort the mourners, though it would be nonsense. Mourners mourn by decision. Comforters comfort for deception's sake. A mind trick. For they all know that no words or promise could calm the oppressed-by-choice heart, if there would even be a single heart, that is. Let those faraway creatures stay where they are and not spend a single cent. Just to peek in and see through the transparent barrier how she looks like now that she's lifeless. If she even experienced having a life, that is.

Thumbs Up for Same Sex Marriage?

Every human has feelings, so before directly tell them something have a little time to think if it would hurt and cause them pain. I respect everybody’s opinion, but I am totally not agreeing to the same sex marriage as of today.

I strongly believe that Adam is made for Eve and not for Jonathan. Expressing love is everybody’s freedom as long as they know their boundaries and stand for a particular person. I believe that the main reason why the Churches here in our country turns back their blessings to these couples is because they cannot reproduce more individuals. Assuming that both sexes live together, how could they bare a fruit it both of them doesn’t have the ability to reproduce? Happiness may be found with your same gender but building a relationship more that the ordinary state of friend is quite confusing. I never hated the activities they were pursuing, but I also never loved their every gesture most especially the marriage thing.