March 16, 2013

The Monster that Lives Just in Head

Of all the things I could be scared of, computers would definitely be in my list. You may give it a laugh but for real, I have been scared to neither use nor touch our desktop for so long.

Because computers are powered by electricity, it made me thinking that a single error to commit while using the PC may produce a large explosion and bring our house down. I don’t know how I come with it but it stuck and really made me stopping to use the thing. My phobia got vanished ever since I was required to study a computer subject and need to perform its basic uses correctly. It was a relief to finish my very first encounter with a computer and my panic attitude slowly fades away. As the technology continues to produce more innovations today, I must acquire to know the ways and uses of new creations. I do not need to be gadget geek, I just don’t want be left out of the flow.

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