March 14, 2013

The Good Old Passion for Writing

As a kid, I believed and often rely on my astrology stars. Who would not be convinced at a very young age, especially when the predictions are as well getting into reality?

I was amused to see that my future profession would either be a painter or an editor. I raised my brows and begun thinking which profession would I end up with? Those two professions never even crossed my mind. As a kid, I enjoyed watching cooking shows and dreamt of being a great Chef someday. As I went to college, I planned to take up the Hotel and Restaurant Management vocation, but my family did not allow me doing so. It was a heartbreaking moment for me, and instead, I was forced to take the Communication Course having Journalism as my Major. I hated the writing works and it’s really hard to do such thing you don’t really. At the midst of my first semester, I was struggling hard to fight my frustrations. I just seek out some outlets to lessen my stress level. I eventually learned to love what I’m taking up, after some great compliment I received through my writing skills. I did enjoy writing then, again. When I looked back on my preliminary grades in school I was with the school publication organization, I did enjoy making poems same with short feature stories as my spare time. My heart belongs to writing now, and I’m hoping to strengthen more our relationship through time.

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