March 3, 2013

Thumbs Up for Same Sex Marriage?

Every human has feelings, so before directly tell them something have a little time to think if it would hurt and cause them pain. I respect everybody’s opinion, but I am totally not agreeing to the same sex marriage as of today.

I strongly believe that Adam is made for Eve and not for Jonathan. Expressing love is everybody’s freedom as long as they know their boundaries and stand for a particular person. I believe that the main reason why the Churches here in our country turns back their blessings to these couples is because they cannot reproduce more individuals. Assuming that both sexes live together, how could they bare a fruit it both of them doesn’t have the ability to reproduce? Happiness may be found with your same gender but building a relationship more that the ordinary state of friend is quite confusing. I never hated the activities they were pursuing, but I also never loved their every gesture most especially the marriage thing.

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