March 29, 2013

Your All is Not Enough

When it comes to love, no one can resist doing anything for their special someone. That is the power of love.

I have known a guy named Noni. He is a gay and has a lover named Billie. The two of them shared houses and they were accepted in their respective families. For quite some months, Noni played to be a role of a housewife. He never complains, he just loves to serve the young lad all he desires. His work is a Feng Sui expert, -having clients nationwide and even outside the country. There were times that he even cancels an appointment to meet his client just to be with Billie’s side. Indeed it’s sweet, but the bitter side of the story is, the lad doesn’t take Noni’s devotion seriously. He was just pretending to use Noni’s feeling. Though Noni tries to do everything he can, the incompleteness of being not a lady will never ever be enough for his lover.

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