March 21, 2013

Life is a Full Cast Movie of Our Own

Watching movies all day is surely a piece of cake. It is the best way to use the spare time especially for the couch potato type of person. What makes the movies interesting to the people is the usage of fine actors and actresses to portray the roles of the promising characters of the story. Each scene will be delivered in a full emotion whatever genre a movie is designed to be. We, ourselves are actors and actresses who plays a reality role in life. We stand as the main characters in our unique stories. How good it is to be a multi-taker? You play a role, you directed and produced it and the main audience before your friends and loved ones.

What life differs in a movie film is words are not fabricated. It is not scripted and comes naturally. I love to be the star in my life, full cast with hefty guests such as my family and friends. My movie hasn't even in the middle yet. But I will continue to watch it until the very end.

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