October 5, 2013

Indoor Winter Wear Gorgeous Swimsuits

What better way to keep fit indoors during the freezing days of winter than to do yoga? Yoga unlike the outdoors winter sports skiing; requires light and tight fitting cotton suits like tights, leggings and swimsuits. There are women who are well endowed like big busts or big butts and couldn’t seem to fit into most of the swimsuits sold ready to wear in department stores and boutiques. One friend admittedly categorize herself with this women.

She found the perfect solution to her problem when we saw an online ad that says junonia.com has swimsuits for big busts. Now buying her swimsuits for those winter yoga sessions and even for her beach outings during summer don’t pose a big threat to her enjoying her winters indoors and her summers at the beach. We don’t have to feel guilty leaving her behind because she won’t come with us and envy us while we display nice colorful bikinis and she in shorts and racer back tank.

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