October 18, 2013

The 8 Hour Ride

I don’t like to stay at moving vehicles for long times. More, I don’t like if that vehicle is a plane. Because you can’t stop on the way and get down if you feel suffocated. Well, this time the awful journey is to one of the beach at my home town. From the big city, it is about 200 kilometers. But, the traffic is really heavy on that road. So, we spend almost 8 hours ride until we arrived at the destination. Of course, we stop for gas and dinner. But, what I can’t stand is the roads; it is so bumpy and dark with only 3 meters vision range.

I ask the driver whether he has been to that beach before. And he said, only once. That answer didn’t sit well with me. I am so nervous. So I always ask him to be careful and drive slowly. After we arrived at the destination hotel, I am so relieved. But, I know that I still have to go through it again on the way home. At least, it is midday when we got home, so the road will be visible.

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