December 14, 2013

Are Writers Born or Made?

Some suggest that inborn intelligence and natural talent in learning a language are all that one needs to become a good writer. Well, what about the experiences that we all go through in life, the hardships that we have overcome or failed to overcome, the overwhelming joy that we feel in those rare moments when this world reveals its beauty in its purest form, just like: seeing your daughter for the first time or experiencing a mother’s unconditional love?

Everyone is an observer and everybody has a story to tell. Speak out! Don't worry about your words not being good enough. Forget about trying to sound smart. There is no use in pretending. Pomposity reeks like a dead fish left inside a block of odorous unpasteurized French cheese. Readers will know when you’re feeding them crap.

Just be honest. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to listen to someone who can speak their heart out, regardless of what educational background, poor test results, poor grammar, limited vocabulary or even chronic drunkenness. A brilliant idea is more powerful than perfect grammar. It cannot be constrained by how poorly it is written.

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