February 19, 2014

My Niece Love for Her Supportive Auntie

Ever since my Julien came in our life, the family's attention was centered to her. Being the very first granddaughter and first niece, she has all in her cute cuddly way.

I admit that I sometimes tolerate her in her actions. I give what I know she'll love most, I'll do whatever she asks to, and even help her sneak some foods her mother prohibits her to take to. I just love her so much that is why I acted that way. At the age of 23, I cannot have a Julien of my own. It is required to find someone first to be the father of my children. As of the present time, Julien is now a three year old talkative kid. I get a hug from her every time we see each other. I want her to be her best-friend and have a stronger bond connection through the times.

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