September 25, 2013

Reminiscing the Past with Chacha

I was given by my sister’s that time was her fiancé, now is her husband, a cute little puppy with a breed of a Labrador retriever. That was the only time we got a dog with a foreign breed. I named her Chacha, after the girl I saw in a television advertisement. My Chacha was so adorable and fun to eat greedily. When Chacha is a puppy, I was the one who bathe her and choose the foods she must eat in able to have a beautiful feature and strong immune system as well.- I did rely on what I’m seeing in the foreign movies.

As my Chacha grew bigger and better, I don’t have the strength anymore to do the stuffs I used to do with her. I can even handle her attitude. My brother takes charge and Chacha had a new master. I was a bit jealous but I know it’s better than no can control her. They played, they bond, they take a walk and they shared the love. Though I can’t be the same with Chacha, I still love her, it never changed. Two years have passed, and my sister delivered a healthy baby girl. We changed attention to the baby and though Chacha cannot utter the words I know she’d been jealous. Eventually, she got sick by torturing herself not to eat and infected by other diseases. I miss her naughtiness and playfulness. Her big lazy eyes, her long tail wiggles and my Chacha herself. No matter where you may be, you will always be loved and remembered.

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