September 1, 2013

The Dong Juan Experience

There’s this new mall in town called “Centrio” that’s owned by the Ayalas (one of the elite families in the Philippines) and the mall is quite classy. It caters to the class A and class B status members of the society. Centrio houses the most high-end restaurants in town, and that includes Dong Juan.

Dong Juan is a restaurant that serves the classics. When you try to check their menu, you can’t really find anything interesting or unique to “try” on. So when I went there with my friends, we really ordered the classic crispy pata and baby back ribs. However, my impression changed when I first tasted the baby back ribs. It was moist, tender and most importantly, flavourful—something that is expected when rating great food. And I was more convinced when I tried their crispy pata. It was then that I realized that their price is just worth the taste. No wonder the place is still crowded despite the quite pricey products because people would always pay for great food!

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