September 1, 2013

Our New Apartment and the Dogs

Earlier this week, we finished securing all our things from our old house. The new owners already made improvements in the house. We took our dogs from the old place after we have prepared their sleeping area in our new apartment. It seemed that they’re excited with our scheduled transfer. Before we left the city and move to a more peaceful place, they roamed around the area for the last time. On the other hand, I checked many online shopping websites and look for essentria ic3 for the pets.

Our two dogs love the new apartment. They kept on running around with the cat. They also sniffed around the backyard garden every afternoon. During lunch, they run to a nearby waiting shed and take a nap. We unleashed them for that purpose. After all, they’re trained to mingle with humans and other animals. It’s a refreshing thing for them. The two dogs also love the hiking trail in our new place.

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