September 1, 2013

Clarivic and her Clarinet

My cousin Clarivic is a perfect example of a die-hard music lover. She was enrolled by her mother in a music school for years. She has known so many musical pieces and can sing all of them just like an experienced professional singer. She is also knowledgable with different kinds of musical instruments such as cello, trumpets, guitars, piano and violin. She also learned about cheap mitchell lurie clarinet reeds at wwbw after I told her about it.

Clarivic is recently preparing for a huge singing contest in town. It is selection process for a television show for aspiring singers. She asked her mother to register her for the event. She is already prepared for it. To prepare for the performance night, she sleeps early and follows her usual practice sessions with discipline and determination. Clarivic also asked us to cheer for her during the contest. All of us are so excited for the event.

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