September 25, 2013

Conquering the Clutter Especially In Small Spaces

Segregate and donate. Time to choose which things work well for you, because if you are living in a small space, either by choice, because you hate cleaning, or by financial fate, because you are just starting or restarting your life, you will need great restraint from over shopping, or over clinging to o’l stuff.

Small spaces can still be fashionable, beautiful and stylish. You can still keep things where they are supposed to be, hidden and kept out of the way, like those cleaning supplies that are an eye sore but we so need. A small space with everything just sprawled on top of a table, your sofa, or even the floor can really create a cluttered environment.

Keep things calm by making sure to simplify things and keep everything organized. The best way is either to give it away or selling them for cheap. So breath in because you will be needing a lot of discipline in letting go.

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