September 1, 2013

My Things Were Transferred from the Metro to Our New Place

I am aware that important packaging supplies must not be taken for granted. One day, I was busy preparing for our transfer from one place to another. We have to sell our home and find a new one. I packed up my things two weeks before the shipment since I still have to prepare some important documents. The cargo company that we chose to ship our things offered for a 5-10 day shipment schedules.

Our new place is perfect for a new life. There is a backyard garden that wasn’t used by the original owner. The dogs loved it. They’re excited to play around, too. The apartment is near the supermarket and has nearby stores for convenience and accessibility. Our neighbors are kind and helpful. On our first day in the community, two neighbors gave us food and drinks. It was memorable. They also told us the location of many government offices.

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